Iraq Vets Home Remodeled For Him While He Was Away Book

Iraq vets home remodeled for him while he was away book

Social service agencies say the number of homeless vets is rising, in part because of high housing costs and gaps in pay. February 8, Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts are now showing up in the nation's homeless shelters.

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While the numbers are still small, they're steadily rising, and raising alarms in both the homeless and veterans' communities. The concern is that these returning veterans - some of whom can't find jobs after leaving the military, others of whom are still struggling psychologically with the war - may be just the beginning of an influx of new veterans in need.

Currently, there are , troops in Iraq and 16, in Afghanistan. More than , have already served and returned home.

So far, dozens of them, like Herold Noel, a married father of three, have found themselves sleeping on the streets, on friends' couches, or in their cars within weeks of returning home.

Now the group is aiding more than Iraq veterans, 30 of whom are homeless. I didn't know where to go or where to turn," says Mr. Now I want people to know what's really going on.

Iraq vets home remodeled for him while he was away book

After the Vietnam War, tens of thousands of veterans came home to a hostile culture that offered little gratitude and inadequate services, particularly to deal with the stresses of war.

As a result, tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans still struggle with homelessness and drug addiction. Veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are coming home to a very different America.

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While the Iraq war remains controversial, there is almost unanimous support for the soldiers overseas. And in the years since Vietnam, more than nonprofit veterans' service organizations have sprouted up, many of them created by people like Peter Cameron, a Vietnam veteran who is determined that what happened to his fellow soldiers will not happen again.

But he and dozens of other veterans' service providers are concerned by the increasing numbers of new veterans ending up on streets and in shelters. Part of the reason for these new veterans' struggles is that housing costs have skyrocketed at the same time real wages have remained relatively stable, often putting rental prices out of reach.

And for many, there is a gap of months, sometimes years, between when military benefits end and veterans benefits begin. Cameron, executive director of Vietnam Veterans of California. Both the Veterans Administration and private veterans service organizations are already stretched, providing services for veterans of previous conflicts.

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For instance, while an estimated , veterans were homeless at some time during , the VA had the resources to tend to only , of them. After the Vietnam conflict, it was nine to 12 years before veterans began showing up at homeless shelters in large numbers.

In part, that's because the trauma they experienced during combat took time to surface, according to one Vietnam veteran who's now a service provider. Doctors refer to the phenomenon as post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD. A recent study published by the New England Journal of Medicine found that 15 to 17 percent of Iraq vets meet "the screening criteria for major depression, generalized anxiety, or PTSD.

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Many veterans' service providers say they're surprised to see so many Iraq veterans needing help so soon. Beyond PTSD and high housing costs, many veterans also face an income void, as they search for new jobs or wait for their veterans benefits to kick in. When Mr.

Iraq vets home remodeled for him while he was away book

Noel was discharged in December of , he and his family had been living in base housing in Georgia. Since they were no longer eligible to live there, they began the search for a new home.

But Noel had trouble landing a job and the family moved to New York, hoping for help from a family member. Eventually, they split up: Noel's wife and infant child moved in with his sister-in-law, and his twins were sent to relatives in Florida.

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Noel slept in his car, on the streets, and on friend's couches. Last spring he was diagnosed with PTSD, and though he's currently in treatment, his disability claim is still being processed.

Unable to keep a job so far, he's had no steady income, although an anonymous donor provided money for him to take an apartment last week. He expects his family to join him soon.

Back from Iraq - and suddenly out on the streets

Unable to stay with her mother, she soon found herself walking the streets of New York, with a backpack full of her belongings and her 1-year-old daughter held close. I couldn't sleep.

Iraq vets home remodeled for him while he was away book

I couldn't eat. The worst thing wasn't the war, it was coming back, because nobody understood why I was the way I was. Goodwin was determined not to sleep on the streets, and so eventually went into the New York City shelter system where, after being shuffled from shelter to shelter, she was told she was ineligible for help.

Iraq vets home remodeled for him while he was away book

But media attention changed that, and she was able to obtain a rent voucher. With others' generosity, she also found a job. She's now attending college and working with other veterans who are determined to go to Washington with their stories.

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Iraq vets home remodeled for him while he was away book

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Iraq vets home remodeled for him while he was away book

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