I Capture The Castle Book Reviews

I capture the castle book reviews

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Reading Recommendation - I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith

Garai [star of film], who lives in London, read Dodie Smith's canny and resolutely unsentimental novel Garai said ''because you start to realize We live in a society where children are expected to become adults overnight. Cassandra's story is about that process taking a long time, and about it being painful.

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It is an occasion worth celebrating when a sparkling novel, a work of wit, irony, and feeling is brought back into print after an absence of many years.

So uncork the champagne for I Capture the Castle. Los Angeles Times. Dreamy and funny A thousand and one cheers for its reissue.

I capture the castle book reviews

I Capture the Castle is finally back in print. It should be welcomed with a bouquet of roses and a brass band.

I capture the castle book reviews

Ever since I was handed a tattered copy years ago with the recommendation 'You'll love it,' it has been one of my favorite novels. Susan Issacs author.

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Cassandra Mortmain captures the castle not with trebuchet or battering ram but with her pen. At a low point in the Mortmains' life in their castle, year-old Cassandra begins a journal vividly describing her family's unusual life and her feelings about growing up.

I capture the castle book reviews

She explains how the family discovered their castle home back when they were wealthy and how their wealth and resources dwindled, forcing the Mortmains to sell off all their possessions of value.

They become expert at making do with very little but are beginning to tire of the lack of food and other basics.

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As the journal begins, Cassandra's sister, Rose, half-jokingly invokes a spell to change their fortunes. Shortly afterward a series of events dramatically changes their lives.

See a Problem?

As in all good stories, there are ups and downs, disappointments and failures, along with the happy incidents. And as we know it will, the story ends on an optimistic note.

I capture the castle book reviews

The book, first published in , was made into a play in and a movie in July This is the first novel of the author, born in She was one of the most successful female dramatists of her time. She is also author of Dalmatians.

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I read this book last year and liked so much that I was happy to read every word again before I wrote this review. Janet Crane Barley - Children's Literature.

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I capture the castle book reviews

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