Huntington Library Map Collection Book

Huntington library map collection book

Huntington library map collection book

The photographs primarily document the exteriors of the This photograph album illustrates the sights and peoples experienced during a voyage of the United States Revenue Cutter to Alaska and the Arctic Ocean during the early s.

There are many views of native Inuit villages and inhabitants in Alaska The images depict the boats, Captain Michael A.

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Collection of 53 late 19th century photographs depicting scenes of popular Southern California destinations including the Andrew McNally residence and grounds on Mariposa Drive, Altadena. A collection of photographs and maps compiled by American geologist and petroleum engineer Ralph Arnold , documenting his pioneering work in oil and mineral exploration, chiefly in the Western United States, Mexico and Venezuela, from to , with the The Aswan Dam Photographs collection contains more than black-and-white photographs in 28 albums that documented the construction of the first Aswan Dam later known as the Aswan Low Dam or the Old Aswan Dam , a masonry buttress dam located The collection consists of over 10, black-and-white and color photographs, negatives, and slides, as well as pen-and-ink drawings, postcards, and ephemeral materials, dating from to bulk ss , that were collected by the Automobile Club of Southern California.

This collection contains scrapbooks chiefly containing narratives, snapshots, and clippings documenting summer canyoneering and camping trips to the American Southwest, the Colorado River, and the Canadian Rockies by Mildred E.

Baker in the s and early s, as well The Banning Family Collection of Photographs, Part I, contains photographs, glass plate negatives, and one scrapbook collected by the Banning Family of Southern California and depicting various family members, friends, and family properties both residential and commercial , with an emphasis The Banning Family Collection of Photographs, Part II, contains photographs and 23 photograph albums collected by the Banning family of Southern California from to bulk The three most substantial categories of images in this collection are The collection contains photographs by historian Ralph P.

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Bieber documenting the central overland route to California as it appeared in the s. This collection contains 73 studio portraits of Native Americans from southwestern Arizona, and were probably taken between and in E.

This collection contains 51 photographs by photographer Isaac H. Bonsall chiefly depicting the landscape and Union Army operations during the American Civil War in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the surrounding regions, from approximately to The prints primarily document This collection consists of 70 folio volumes containing approximately 5, photographs collected by English writer and traveler Lady Annie Brassey during her oceanic voyages around the world.

The photographs, chiefly taken by professional photographers, cover the period between the The Bullock's Department Store Collection consists of photographs and 29 glass plate negatives related to the Los Angeles, California-based department store between and bulk , as well as 2 boxes of ephemera pertaining to Bullock's publicity and This finding aid brings together information about the Huntington's collections of panoramic negatives. These negatives are located in three separate collections: the Verner Collection of Panoramic Negatives, the Harold A.

Parker Collection of Photographs and Negatives, and the "'Dick"' This album contains typical commercial photographs of the towns and scenery of California, Oregon and Washington dating from the s.

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There are This disbound album contains typical late 19th century commercial photographs focusing on hotels, missions, and scenery of California, particularly California luxury hotels that catered to East Coast winter tourists.

The most notable images include the second Hotel Del Monte, rebuilt This photograph album is made up of early 20th century photographs of eight California missions, in both ruined and repaired states. This souvenir album contains photographs and a few illustrations of California Missions, as well as smaller Catholic churches throughout California. The photographs are typical commercial views, with printed captions, taken by unknown photographer s.

Huntington library map collection book

The album was published by Pacific Novelty This collection contains black-and-white photographs including some duplicates of views of building exteriors and streets scenes in Old Chinatown and neighboring residential and industrial areas of downtown Los Angeles, California, that were taken prior to the demolition of the This disbound album is made up of two volumes, the first containing late 19th century photographs of sites throughout Mexico and parts of South America; most notable are Mexico City, Guanajuato, Zacatecas, Peru, Bolivia, and the Mesoamerican ruins of Mitla, This collection contains photographs, chiefly gelatin silver prints, reflecting the professional life and travels of American impressionist painter Alson Skinner Clark, some taken by Alson Clark and some by commercial and unidentified photographers, from approximately The collection chiefly This collection consists of glass and film negatives and copy prints chiefly of architectural scenes in Southern California taken by architectural photographer William M.

Clarke The bulk of the collection focuses on residential and business projects in Los Angeles This collection consists of Kodachrome slides taken by Palmer Conner depicting downtown Los Angeles between and The bulk of the images in this collection were taken during the years of the Bunker Hill Redevelopment Project that Photographs of the American West, dating from the s to the s, collected by Carl S.

Huntington library map collection book

Dentzel , director of the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles, California, including a disbound album of photographs of Alaska taken by A. The collection consists of 70 panoramic negatives, copy prints, and corresponding negatives and interpositives, covering the years , that were created by the "Dick" Whittington Studio of Los Angeles, California.

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The images depict specific places, businesses, and commercial activity This collection consists of railroad and electric railway photographs, ephemera and publications, , with the bulk of material from the early- to midth century. The materials are chiefly focused on steam and diesel locomotives, major railroads, and interurban passenger railways This collection contains photographs, negatives, positives, and lantern slides depicting Southern California, primarily in the late 19th century, that were compiled by Los Angeles lawyer and writer Arthur M.

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Ellis , often for use in his research and lectures on This collection contains 84 lantern slides from various photographers and publishers depicting images of Switzerland, England, Mexico, Washington D. Thirty-two of the slides were made by the Art and Travel This collection contains one photograph album and thirty-five loose photographs depicting the Fair Oaks Ranch, in Altadena, California, during the late 19th century.

The ranch, owned by businessman and rancher James F. Crank, encompassed a vineyard, winery, and citrus orchards, The Fanchon and Marco collection contains approximately photographs depicting hundreds of Fanchon and Marco Inc. Also included are photographs of This collection of 25 William H.

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Fletcher commercial card photographs focus mainly on Los Angeles, California, during a period of industrial expansion and population growth in the late s, with special attention on Los Angeles Street which passes through Downtown A collection of 77 photographs by Earle Robert Forrest documenting the dances and rituals of Hopi Native Americans in the villages of Oraibi and Mishongnovi, Arizona, in The Glendora Historical Society of B.

Jackson Photographs and Negatives consists of black-and-white and color photographs including postcards, stereographs, mounted photographs, and photograph albums and black-and-white and color negatives created by Southern California photographer B. Jackson ca.

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These lantern slides depict urban, agricultural, and nature scenes of California in the s. The Harold A.

Huntington library map collection book

Parker Studio Collection of Lantern Slides and Transparencies consists of 96 hand-colored lantern slides and autochrome lantern slides, and 52 color transparencies, ca.

Parker Studio Collection of Negatives consists of glass plate negatives, film negatives, and panoramic negatives, , that depict commercial, residential and landscape sites in and around Pasadena and Southern California.

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The images provide a look at This collection contains stereographic photographs including some variants and duplicates by photographer A. Hart that document the construction of the western half of first transcontinental railroad by the Central Pacific Railroad between and Hart served This collection contains photographs related to early California photographers E. This collection contains photographs of the travels of Elizabeth Compton Hegemann through the Navajo Indian Reservation and the Grand Canyon from to The collection consists of photographs, negatives, and a blueprint dating from the s to bulk primarily related to the history of the Los Angeles and the Southern California region, that were compiled by Los Angeles historian Charles J The collection consists of black-and-white photographs that document the activities of the Southern California Division of the California Centennials Commission during the years to The photographs document regional events, including ceremonies, celebrations, parades, and historical reenactments, developed The Puck Collection consists of more than 11, photographs and negatives both taken and collected by Los Angeles resident and local history enthusiast Charles Puck , which he donated to the Historical Society of Southern California over more than twenty The Rolfe collection consists of photographs the majority of which are housed in two photograph albums , negatives, one book, and ephemera, created and collected by Los Angeles civil engineer and local history enthusiast Frank Rolfe between and Collection of 83 loose card photographs primarily depicting Los Angeles, California, from circa to The collection includes a number of photographs by the Disbound album with photographs, clippings, and other ephemera related to the architectural work of American architect Thornton Fitzhugh The collection chiefly consists of photographs and renderings of commercial and residential buildings designed by Fitzhugh in Los Angeles and Arizona.

The collection consists of photographs, negatives, and ephemeral items in various formats circa s Compiled from the gifts of various donors to the Historical Society of Southern California, the collection covers a wide breadth of subject matter. The images This collection consists of photographs of individual and group portraits, dating from circa s bulk ss , that formed part of the Historical Society of Southern California Photo Archives.

It is a reference collection and includes images of both prominent This collection contains photographs of Henry E.

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Huntington and his family in New York and California, as well as early photographs of the Huntington residence and estate in San Marino, California, and the private railroad cars of the Huntington The collection consists of photographs and negatives, ca.

This collection contains 50 photographs collected by Florence Barclay Hyatt born including card photographs chronicling the aftermath of the Wounded Knee Massacre in southwestern South Dakota from to , with images of Buffalo Bill, Captain Frank Dwight Baldwin, Each set of photographs is A collection of glass plate negatives and prints collected by Major George W.

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A disbound album of primarily portrait photographs of Plains Indians, taken by photographer William E. Irwin from the s to early s, in Indian Territory.

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The J. Allen Hawkins Studio Collection of Negatives consists of negatives and prints both vintage prints and copy prints , , that depict commercial sites, residences, and other subjects in and around Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley in The B. Jackson Collection of Negatives and Photographs consists of more than 4, photographs, glass plate negatives, and film negatives, as well related manuscript and ephemeral materials, created by Southern California photographer B.