How To Speak Gnomish Artemis Fowl Book

How to speak gnomish artemis fowl book

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Hand-made Gnommish Dicionary! This is the general Artemis Fowl talk section. Post Reply. Just have the letter in Gnommish and English then show us how you think it's pronounced.

Harlag-lamen-lamen-oto Hi.

Artemis Fowl Book talk

Hart-iggilo Be sure to add the "-" between each letter. Abase - Aquen Ah-kue-en Definition: To reduce or lower; degrade. Abattoir - Rakkin Rah-k-in Definition: A slaughter house. Abbreviate - Aglafin Ah-g-la-fin Definition: To make brief shorter Abdicate - Karblin Car-b-lin Definition: To renounce a throne or some claim; relinquish a right, power, or trust.

Abdomen - Toctan Tock-tan Definition: That part of the body of a mammal between the thorax and the pelvis; The stomach. Abet - Karleen Car-l-ee-n Definition: To encourage by aid or approval. Abeyance - Pleaker Plea-car Definition: Temporary inactive or suspended. Abide - Mantil Man-tile Definition: To remain, continue; stay.

Ablation - Planthon Pl-ant-orn Definition: Medicine removal of organs, growth from the body by surgery. Ablaze - Firtan Fear-tan Definition: Gleaming as if on fire. Aboard - Hockton H-ock-ton Definition: On board.

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Abound - Tarters T-art-ters Definition: A plentiful. About - Wantop W-an-top Definition: Of; concering; in side of; in regard to.

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Above - Yontor Y-on-tour Definition: In or to a higher place overhead. Abreast - Flarlin Fl-air-lin Definition: Side by side. Absent - Darnt D-are-nt Definition: Away. Abuse - Reglit Reg-lit Definition: To use wrongly or improperly.

Abyss - Safice Saf-ice Definition: Void, emptiness. Often referred to as Hell Academy - Kornt K-orn-t Definition: An association or institution for the promotion for students studying whatever Accede - Arakne Are-ak-nee Definition: To give consent, agree; yield. Accelerate - Lapradon Lap-rah-don Definition: Advance faster. Accelerator - Lapradan Lap-rah-dan Definition: A device which increases the speed of the machine.

How to speak gnomish artemis fowl book

Accent - Quent Que-ent Definition: The distinctive character of a vowel or syllable. Accentuate - Volice Voh-lice Definition: To emphasise. Accept - Plare Pl-air Definition: To take or recieve something offered.

Acceptable - Plairtif Pl-air-tif Definition: Capable or worthy of being accepted. Access - Folum Foh-lum Definition: The act of privilege of coming. Accessible - Folumtif Foh-lum-tif Definition: Easy of access. Accessory - Ureni You-ren-ah Definition: Something added or attached for convenience. Accident - Graphint Gr-aph-int Definition: undesirable or unfortunate happening. Acclaim - Mandaton Man-dah-ton Definition: To salute with words or sounds of joy or approval.

Acclamation - Mandutran Man-do-tr-an Definition: A shout or other demonstration of welcome, goodwill or applause. Accolade - Ashwin Ash-win Definition: Aceremony used in conferring knighthood.

Accommodate - Naritan Nare-ee-tan Definition: To do a kindness or a favour to. Accompany - Jaritan Jar-ee-tan Definition: To go or be in company with.

Accomplice - Plrint Pl-rint Definition: An associate in a crime. Accord - Kentre Ken-tree Definition: To be in correspondence or harmony; agree. Accost - Oporst Op-porst Definition: To approach, especially with a greeting or remark. Account - Hinar Hin-air Definition: A verbal or written recital of particular transactions and events.

Accountant - Hinlartn Hin-lair-t-n Definition: A person whose profession is analyising and communicating economic information for the judgement and decision-making of individuals and organisations. Accretion - Aretnan Are-et-nan Definition: An increase by natural growth or by gradual external addition; An extraneous addition. Accumulate - Polkton Definition: To heap up; gather as into a mass. Accurate - Definition: In exact conformity to truth. Accursed - Definition: Subject to a curse; ruined.

Accusation - Definition: A charge of wrongdoing. Accusatory - Definition: Containing an accusation; Accusing. Accuse - Definition: To bring a charge against. Accustom - Definition: To familiarise by custom or use.

How to speak gnomish artemis fowl book

Accustomed - Definition: Customary; Habitual. Ace - Definition: A single spot or mark on a card or die. A highly skilled person. Acetone - Definition: A colourless, volatile, flammable liquid, used as a solvent and in varnishes.

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Acetylene - Definition: A colourless gas, used in metal welding, as an illuminant and in organic synthesis. Ache - Definition: To have or be in continuous pain. Achieve - Definition: To bring to a sccessful end; Accomplish.

Achievement - Definition: Something accomplished. Acid - Definition: Chemistry a compound which reacts with an alkali to form a salt.

Acidulous - Definition: Slightly acid. Acknowledge - Definition: To admit to be real or true.

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Acolyte - Definition: An attendant; An assistant. Acorn - Definition: The fruit of the oak, a nut in a hardened scaly cup. Acoustic - Definition: Relating to the sense or organs of hearing, or to the science of sound; Music of or relating to instruments whose sound is not electronically amplified. Acquaint - Definition: To make more or less familiar or conversant. Acquaintance - Definition: A person or persons known to one, especially a person with whom one is not on terms of great intimacy.

Acquiesce - Definition: o assent tacitly; Comply quietly; Agree; Consent. Acquire - Definition: To come into possession of. Acquit - Definition: To relieve from a charge or fault or crime. Acrid - Definition: Sharp or biting.

Acrobat - Definition: A skilled performer who can walk on a tightrope, perform a trapeze, or do other similar feats.

How to speak gnomish artemis fowl book

Acronym - Definition: A word formed from the initial letters of other words. Acropolis - Definition: The citadel of an ancient Greek city. Across - Definition: From side to side of. Acrostic - Definition: A series of lines or verses in which the first, last or other particular letters from a word, phrase, the alphabet.

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Silly little foul black twisted heart I am! I'll try for a sentence using your pronunciation: Iggilo ark-mento Chr-ark-tomowa Mento-oto-oto-nemto. Pronounced: Ig-ee-loh ark-men-toh Chrark-toh-moh Men-toh-o-toh-o-toh-nem-toh. What d'you think? Can you decipher it? Thankyou for my avvie, Rain!

How to speak gnomish artemis fowl book

I luv it!!! Do not let the Cat out.

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No matter what I tell you. Never say that! Run before you walk! Fly before you crawl! Keep moving forward! Because if we fail , I'd rather fail really hugely.

All or nothing! I've tried to think of pronounciations before, but my ideas all fell short. The only concern I have with this is, would some of those phrases that equal a single letter be too long?