How To Self Publish A Book Of Poems

How to self publish a book of poems

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At Goodreads—the largest social media site for book readers—the strategy is unique: they have site members decide on the best books during three rounds of voting. I first reported on this story for The Hot Sheet , the industry newsletter for authors that I publish with Porter Anderson.

Making a Poetry Book is Easy!

You tweeted that people should take book bloggers more seriously—that they made your book happen. Could you elaborate further how book bloggers became aware of your work? I made myself known in the booklr community for being an open and honest book blogger, and later, as a cautiously hopeful writer. Are you feminist? Do you support diverse reading?

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You have to become involved in communities without the plan to exploit them. When the time is ready, your community with be happy to support you in your endeavors.

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When I first self-published my book, I took the advice of my previously self-published critique partner, Danika Stone, and enrolled my book in the Kindle Unlimited program. This was always in the forefront of my mind.

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Making the ebook edition more accessible than it would have been otherwise certainly boosted the appeal and therefore my chance to connect with others who had shared experiences. All I did was post a simple announcement on my Tumblr blog. You see this so many times, over and over. For example, authors like Rupi Kaur and Sarah J. To my knowledge, for Kaur, it was Instagram and Tumblr.

How to self publish a book of poems

For Maas, it was Wattpad. Online community also helped to boost successes like r. Sin, Anna Todd, and countless others.

How to Publish a Poetry Book

The communities we become integral parts of genuinely want to see us succeed. In that way, community is much more powerful than any paid ad you can ever run.

Self-Publish a Poetry Book

Do you spend an equal amount of time on Twitter, FB, and Instagram—or is Tumblr your preferred place? The first social media platform I used to promo my book was Tumblr. In my opinion, Tumblr is extremely underutilized by the publishing world.

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In the booklr community, you get to choose from book review blogs, book photography blogs, book quote blogs, book playlist blogs, book edit blogs, etc. Most book blogs are a mix of every book-related thing imaginable. From Tumblr, I moved on to Twitter, where a nice portion of my Tumblr followers already followed me, as well as Instagram. Twitter is extremely useful in promo because retweets are a Thing much like the reblogging option on Tumblr , so the word spreads fast if you have enough followers to gain traction.

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Too repetitive and samey-samey. Do you know how the Ace Book Club at Goodreads became aware of your book and made it a selection? Your success is their success, and not just in terms of monetary value.

How to self publish a book of poems

My editor, Patty Rice, noticed that the princess saves herself in this one kept popping up in various places online, so she decided to order it. Lucky for me, she read it and loved it enough to contact me, and then pitched it to the rest of her Andrews McMeel team, who agreed with her praise! She is the publisher of The Hot Sheet , the essential newsletter on the publishing industry for authors, and was named Publishing Commentator of the Year by Digital Book World in Find out more.

How to self publish a book of poems

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Wow, this is such an inspiring story as a blogger and aspiring author! It also makes me wonder if I should move my blog to Tumblr…. However, she offers a more important insight that every author needs to know in this interview with Jane Friedman. Skip to content Photo by Lady Happiness. Jane Friedman View posts by Jane Friedman.

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How to self publish a book of poems

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