Hitman Contracts Walkthrough Silent Assassin Book

Hitman contracts walkthrough silent assassin book

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[PC] Hitman: Contracts (2004) Walkthrough

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But who wants to deal with extra wet work, loud, nasty weapons and leaving evidence lying around?

Hitman (2016) walkthrough and guide

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Hitman contracts walkthrough silent assassin book

SilentCaay Online. Guide Index. I have a few guides I'm porting over so I'm not going to spend a lot of time reformatting them. Welcome to my second "All Zero" Hitman walkthrough. Why Hitman: Contracts when it was released about 6 years ago as of this writing?

People, liked it, wrote to me and asked if I was going to do guides in the same vein for the other Hitman games. Up until now I didn't have the other games and had other things to do but I recently got, and beat, this game and the first Hitman which I'm not going to write a guide for, for various reasons. Naturally, I wanted to go back and complete it all perfectly, so that's how this guide came to be.

I'm also going to try Blood Money but the specs are borderline for this comp. That may have to wait until I can get it for PS2 or until I get a new comp. Saving is alright on practice runs but after that do another run-through without saving for a perfect score.

Each method here was devised and tested by yours truly to obtain all zeroes. If you're having trouble either you're not following along in a timely fashion or maybe I made a typo, lol.

Tips of the trade

Every time you complete a mission your stats are saved. It doesn't matter if you do better or worse, the game only saves your last stats. Because of this, it would be wise to finish the game however you like and collect all the guns that aren't of the "Complete X mission with a Silent Assassin rating" before you attempt all zeroes.

Collecting the weapons usually requires you to incapacitate extra people, go out of your way or draw extra attention by carrying suspicious non-concealable weapons. For that reason, weapon locations aren't included here.

This guide also does not cover Professional or Expert difficulties at this time. I like to hear any questions or comments you have regarding this guide, any mistakes that need fixing or whatever.

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The only thing I don't want to do is add alternate strategies. I don't really expect anything, anyway, since this game is getting old but just so you know. If you mastered stealth in Hitman 2, you may have noticed a lot of subtle changes to the AI, some for the better and some for the "worse".

Not really "worse" but more like "predictable". Due to the increased predictability of the guards, you don't need many tricks and some of the old ones don't work, anyway.

Hitman contracts walkthrough silent assassin book

I'm assuming you've got the basics down and know how to guage the suspicion meter, use disguises and you know the proper distances to saftely run, walk and sneak, among other things.

Here are a few not-as-basic, but still very important, tricks: Using Syringes This doesn't even need to be here. In Hitman 2 there was an issue with using anesthetic but in Contracts it works fine. Just get behind a person and hit the "fire" button. The only difference is that you can't split your doses this time. One dose is about 7 minutes, maybe a little more.

Replay the tutorial sections

I haven't timed it. Door Grab The door grab still works but is a bit trickier. Before you could wait behind a door that your victim was about to pass through, weapon in hand, and grab them as they pass by.

Hitman contracts walkthrough silent assassin book

This mostly works in Contracts but sometimes the sneaky AI will pull a door open instead of push it. If you have your weapon ready then they won't be happy. Regardless, this trick works the vast majority of the time. Tap-Run Another trick that doesn't really need to be here. Guards are very rarely suspicious of you when you're running this time.

As long as you don't run right up to them, you should be fine. If you find the guards are particularly wary, tough, you can still tap the run button like once a second.

Hitman: Contracts - All Zero Silent Assassin Walkthrough

This way you're moving at almost running speed without raising any suspicions. Turning Guards This move isn't as systematic as before but still works sometimes. Also note that in this game guards turn their heads a lot more than the previous game so beware not only of the direction they're facing but also the movement of their head.

Then position yourself in the direction you want the guard to face and make some noise by running. Once he's turned, enter sneak mode and stay away from him.

Hitman contracts walkthrough silent assassin book

He should remain facing the direction he last heard the noise. A few notes: Due to guards not caring about you running in this game, you don't have to do it while hidden.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin walkthroughs

Also, guards have a routine where they might walk toward you instead of just turning. If this is the case, let him walk up to you until he stops. Then you walk away. The guard will only scratch his head and return to his post. He will not be turned, though, so you'll have to try again. Some guards also don't like to stay turned. Wait awhile to make sure they stay facing the way you want them to.

This is guard-dependent, though. If one guard stays turned, he'll stay turned every time, so you don't have to check each and every time.

Luring Luring is part of a new AI routine not in the last game. Just as I mentioned in the tactic above, if you walk up to certain guards you can capture their attention so that they begin following you. They won't get increasingly suspicious while they follow you, they simply follow their normal suspicion guidelines which means you can lure them around for as long as you want. You can't usually lure them too far, though.

If you try to lure them too far, they will return to their post. Also, if you stay stationary long enough they will usually turn around and return to their post. Even if the guard is not the type that returns to it's post when you're stationary, it will still turn around for a second every once in awhile.

Hitman contracts walkthrough silent assassin book

This short window is your change to incapacitate them. Knives, as you probably know, are an instant-kill if you attack without the victim knowing you're there. It's much quicker than the fiber wire. If you find a knife that you can safely carry around, grab it. Note that other melee weapons have intant-kill attacks if you sneak up on targets but they aren't nearly as useful as they can't be concealed.

It is fun to ram a pool cue through someone's back, though, even if it is one-time-use only. Objectives: Escape from the sanitarium First thing to do is grab the car keys from Orthmeyer's pocket. Now, getting out of the basement should be a piece of cake. There's no way to get lost and the route is painted with a bright green line on the map so just get to the elevator, I'll wait here Found it? Good, took you long enough. Ok, now select the 2nd Floor.

Hitman contracts walkthrough silent assassin book

In the corner directly to you left a SWAT member was kind enough to die right outside the elevator. Take his clothes and his Spas 12 if you want to look the part. If you have to cross paths just give them plenty of space and they won't worry about you. Our main objective is the lab on the 2nd floor which can be accessed by the door across from the lobby on the 1st floor. Go through the double doors to the South into the large round operating theater and continue straight through.

There are a bunch of SWAT at the bottom of the stairs but if you keep walking and don't push into anybody you'll be fine despite your suspicion meter going crazy.

There's a spiral staircase up to the lab but there's a SWAT the patrols up and down the stairs. Make sure you won't bump into him on the stairs or you might blow your cover in the tight quarters.