Gu Family Book Ep 8 Eng Sub Full House

Gu family book ep 8 eng sub full house

The Gu Family Book is the key to becoming human for the line of nine-tailed foxes.

Full House - 풀하우스 EP.7 [SUB : ENG]

But it has become a thing of legends over the years, lost into a whirl of mysticism and skepticism. Kangchi and Yi Sushin are determined to take down Jo Kwanung's tyranny. Yi Sushin brings the army to the forest eager to catch him.

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Kangchi and Wolyong have their first real father-son moment. Youl struggles to deal with letting go of Kangchi so he can look for the Book of the Nine.

Kangchi battles Wolyong to defend his mother and finally gets to spend quality time with her. In the meantime, Kwanung makes good use of his new musket. Jo Kwanung and Wolyong come face to face, but Wolyong doesn't remember him.

Meanwhile, Master Dam and Kangchi begin a duel to the death. As Jo Kwanung tries to force Sohwa to reveal her true identity, Youl hatches a plan to rescue Kangchi. Kangchi finds out how his father was killed.

Gu family book ep 8 eng sub full house

Jo Kwanung finally sees Sohwa's face and hatches a plan to capture Kangchi. Youl and Kangchi sneak into Century House to steal the map. Jo Kwanung starts questioning Sohwa's identity When Kongdal is attacked, Kangchi becomes public enemy number one in the camp.

Gu Family Book

Meanwhile, Jo Kwanung is determined to out Kangchi as a demon's child. Youl finds out that her father killed Kangchi's father twenty years ago. Jo Kwanung tests Taeso to see if he is really on his side Kangchi meets up with Chongjo at the lantern festival. The head of the Inner Circle is disappointed with Madame Chon's performance.

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Chongjo discovers Kangchi's true identity. Jo Kwanung is welcomed by guests from the Inner Circle. On this episode the battle for the bullion begins.

Gu family book ep 8 eng sub full house

In the meantime Chongjo is stuck at the courtesan house. Kangchi gets treated at the academy, whilst they try to come up with a plan to get into Pak Musol's secret vault. Kangchi finds out his true identity and tries to get back at Jo Kwangung. Chongjo gets sold to the courtesan house.

KangChi, The Beginning

Sojung hides Kangchi while his family gets arrested. Kangchi tries to save them, but is faced with danger when he is chased by Jo Kwanung's men.

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Kangchi and Youl catch one of the assassins. Pak Musol faces danger as Jo Kwanung accuses him of treason.

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Wolyong falls in love with Sohwa and asks her to marry him. He searches for the Book of the Nine to become human, however their sad fate misguides them Sohwa gets sold into service after her father is brutally murdered by Jo Kwangung.

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Wolyong saves Sohwa as she tries to escape Gu Family Book. Season 1 0 sources. Episode 24 - Episode Episode 23 - Episode There is treachery from amongst one of Youl's disciples. Episode 22 - Episode Episode 21 - Episode Episode 20 - Episode Episode 19 - Episode Episode 18 - Episode Episode 17 - Episode Episode 16 - Episode Episode 15 - Episode Episode 14 - Episode Episode 13 - Episode Episode 12 - Episode Episode 11 - Episode Youl helps Kangchi and Chongjo escape.

Episode 10 - Episode Episode 9 - Episode 9.

Gu family book ep 8 eng sub full house

Episode 8 - Episode 8. Kangchi is saved by Yi Sunshin. He tells Sojung that he needs to find the Gu Family Book. Episode 7 - Episode 7.

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Episode 6 - Episode 6. Episode 5 - Episode 5. Episode 4 - Episode 4. Yuwool remembers Kangchi from her childhood.

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Gu family book ep 8 eng sub full house

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