Gu Family Book Ep 20 Quick Summary Of Ww1

Gu family book ep 20 quick summary of ww1

For Nice Guy final episode tonight, I really really hoped for a happy ending. Most of all characters in this drama have been unfortunate in their lives and they deserve another chance to start over. But what this drama gives us is….

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To wherever you like. To the place where no one can find and no one knows us. And now for me, Tae San and finding out the truth about what really happened to my father and to Attorney Park is more important than you. It took a moment, Eun Gi was speechless, but Ma Ru finally let go of her with a smile. Of course he played innocent. Secretary Jo was about to sit, but Eun Gu suddenly kicked hard the chair away and that man dropped on the floor.

Call the person who ordered you. I want to live mylife once again as my wish. I will never die. He left her house as soon as he could.

Gu family book ep 20 quick summary of ww1

She massaged his hand and saw some fingers were moving. Jae Gil went home and found Ma Ru was lying unconcious on the floor. He insisted on Ma Ru getting the surgery as soon as next morning.

He asked Ma Ru if he had anything he wanted to do before die. If you want to do something go do it.

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If you have a love or gratitude confession go do it. And that doctor asked Ma Ru to stay alive. Why it took me this long, sorry. Jae Hee was visited by her brother.

Gu family book ep 20 quick summary of ww1

He said he would really kill Kang Ma Ru. He still demanded the officetell. Apparently, Choco went to the karaoke to shrug away her sadness. She said during the time when Ma Ru was in prison, she was frustrated and almost die herself. Then he got a call, it was Jae Hee. So Eun Gi got a confirmation from Jae Gil.

That man told her that after the accident, it was not only her whose head was wounded. It was to wait for her and to take care of her that Ma Ru had been postponing his surgery. Inside the room, Ma Ru kind of sensed that someone was behind his door. Eun Gi went out to the street remembering all the harsh words she had told Ma Ru before. Regretting it. She broke down and cried on the street, alone. Meanwhile Jae Hee was also crying alone in her room. So these two women were crying for the same man at two different places, alone.

Suddenly Jae Hee got a call from Secretary Ahn.

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He told her that his mission is not yet accomplished. Secretary Ahn saw the lost-in-contemplation Seo Eun Gi was walking on the street. Jae Hee was panic and tried to inform Eun Gi, but Eun Gi hung up her phone reading whom the caller was. Jae Hee was frustrated. Jae Gil came to Ma Ru. He asked if Eun Gi came to visit him. Ma Ru was confused. Then he went out to the street to search for her. Eun Gi was still in her deep thought, and then suddenly turned her step around and run back to the hospital.

Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 20 Quick Summary [Final]

Ma Ru was out on the street and was waiting for the red light turn green to cross it. There he finally saw Eun Gi on the other end of the crossing. They saw each other and smiled. When the light turn green, the approached each other slowly…. On that very second, he sensed something deadly would likely to happen…soon. So he hurriedly shielded Eun Gi and received the stab. It was so fast that no one notice, not even Eun Gi. All she knew was Ma Ru hurriedly catch her and hugged her tight. BUT, if you expected a slowly drop on the street Ma Ru, and blood would start to flow like a stream and Eun Gi was crying over his unconscious body….

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Instead, they managed to sit down on a bench at the nearby park. If you notice, Ma Ru was holding his right lower stomach. I have so many things to tell you, but I will tell you tomorrow too. But I will tell you more tomorrow. Eun Gi agreed again. At first Ma Ru was startled but they then they kissed alright. He tried to walk back to the hospital.

I actually had a reason. And in the next life, I want to meet Eun Gi again and date as ordinary people, in an ordinary world and start over with the person I love. I also prayed to God for that. Her name was Park Seng Gil. The two were happily married.

Han Jae Hee parked her car in front of the prison. Someone got discharged that day: Secretary Ahn. He saw Jae Hee, approached her car. But he saw Jae Hee was sleeping and decided to turn away. Jae Hee woke up and got off her car hurriedly to call him, but Attorney Park who suddenly came from nowhere, prevented her.

Gu family book ep 20 quick summary of ww1

She was realeased few months earlier from the prison. Eun Seok had been taken care by Eun Gi all these time, and still refused to meet her ever since. Underline this dialogue everyone! Somewhere in a coastal town.

Eun Gi was in a rush carrying a sick little girl on her back. After handed her over to the nurse, Eun Gi excused herself to close her shop first before coming back again.

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She looked nervous while closing her small shop, and when she got back to the clinic, we know the reason. From that little girl accent, we could notice that the location of that small town is somewhere in the southern area of the country. That girl asked if Ma Ru really graduated from US. Eun Gi secretly took picture of Ma Ru and then got caught. Ma Ru summoned her and checked on her camera.

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He found all his pictures. Ma Ru asked why she did that.

Gu family book ep 20 quick summary of ww1

She said since recently. Another one evening. Eun Gi ran her life as usual, riding bike around the town. Ma Ru came to her shop and found a message that Eun Gi was off somewhere. So Ma Ru decided to wait for her on a bench by the street. She sat at the other end of the bench.

Eun Gi opened it up and found a couple of rings, wedding rings. Eun Gi realized that Ma Ru has gained his memories back. They both smiled to each other. I prayed to God that same pray again.

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And thank you. Now, I am happy. I could hear viewers feel relieve…. All our curiosities are paid off well.