Greek And Latin Roots Book 2 Unit 5 School

Greek and latin roots book 2 unit 5 school

A huge focus in fifth grade is word study. Today, I wanted to share some resources I have found especially helpful as we have integrated Greek and Latin Root Words into our daily learning.

Greek and latin roots book 2 unit 5 school

Each week, as I introduce words for our Class Word Wall we analyze the words we are learning, focusing on specific prefixes, roots, or suffixes. It also has a great quiz for practice!

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Each week we also focus in on one root using Rolodex of Roots. Each morning, students lead after many weeks of training a simple, minute activity working with our root — record it, list it, picture it, chant it, and teach it. Even with the mini-lessons and the weekly focus on specific roots, my kiddos still needed practice…especially my students who have had limited access to words. Knowing we needed more engaging practice, I created a series of puzzles to use during literacy centers.

Choosing puzzles a week; students have hands-on, interactive practice mastering root words.

Greek and latin roots book 2 unit 5 school

Each puzzle asks students to match a root, its meaning, and the root in action within a sentence. To hold my students accountable, I also included four different accountability options for students.

The first is a log, where students record the roots they are learning throughout the year. In literacy centers, we loving playing Stacks! Below are picture from our prefix stacks that we did in January, and now we are playing root word stacks.

Greek and Latin Roots [Book 2]

How does it work? I write a root on the bottom of each cup and its meaning on the inside of the cup. I place the cups in a large Ziploc bag and students works in pairs. One partner grabs a cup.

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The partner checks their work mentally or using the answer I have written on the inside of the cup. If the partner answers correctly, they can add it to their cup pyramid.

Greek and latin roots book 2 unit 5 school

If incorrect, the cup goes back into the bag. Students work together to build the tallest possible pyramid in our 12 minute work period! Super fun, low maintenance, and great practice!

We all have SO many different learners in our classroom, so it helps to have lots of resources at our disposable. These are the resources that I am using and loving!

Greek and Latin Roots [Book 1] • Teacher Thrive

Join me for weekly classroom updates and free resources that are just-right for your guided math classroom! Thanks so much for joining me.

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Happy Teaching! We definitely have tight schedules! I am able to slip it in during the last 10 minutes of our class during literacy centers , and kids really enjoy it. Can I just say that I love your blog?!

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It's so often just packed FULL of great ideas and details! How smart!

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Haha — thank you so much, Deb! I have really enjoyed keeping a record of what's going on in my classroom. I've been neglecting word parts in our vocab activities this year, and I really need to spend some time focusing on them.

I love the idea of using a root word as the password to get in, and Reading Olympians looks great too! Thanks for sharing!

Greek And Latin Roots (Book 2, Unit 2)

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Latin and Greek Root Words in Under 5 minutes!

January 1, A huge focus in fifth grade is word study. The game has two different levels for differentiation and allows students to make connections between a root and its meaning.

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English Root Words

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Greek and latin roots book 2 unit 5 school

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