Forrest Fenn Thrill Of The Chase Book For Sale

Forrest fenn thrill of the chase book for sale

See a Problem?

Every day I deal with realities. They are saying on the blogs that you are making a lot of money on the sale of your 3 treasure chase books. I thought you were profit neutral in that area.

Would you please explain what is going on? Joe Nosey.

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I would be glad to explain what is going on, and you are Nosey. The 10 th printing will start in about 10 days. The book is currently out of print with about 40, sold.

I gave that book to the Collected Works book store, although the copyright belongs to me.

The Thrill of the Chase Resource Page

I paid for the first printing and have never sold even one copy, nor have I realized any money from a sale. It may be unprecedented for one store to sell that many copies of a book. Amazon buys it at the retail price and marks it up.

Forrest fenn thrill of the chase book for sale

They sell so many of that large quantities are stored in the Amazon warehouse. That book is owned by my grandchildren, and all of the profit goes to them. OUAW is owned by my book designer and project manager.

Searching For Forrest Fenn's Treasure

I wrote the stories, but all of the production costs are theirs. I have never sold a copy nor have I made any money from a sale. I have given copies of those three books to friends and some to people who could not afford to buy it.

When I need one of my books I buy it from the owner at their cost.

If You’re Hunting for Forrest Fenn’s Buried Treasure, Start Here

So to answer your question, Mr. The argument could be made that I am a not a very good business man. I wish I was profit neutral, but in fact, I am in profit deficit. Edit was made from original post. The TFTW is in the 5th printing, not the 3rd as initially stated.

Forrest fenn thrill of the chase book for sale

He cries Uncle. In book his teacher is a female, her name is Ford. So Hear me all. Now was she married? Should she be married, like the biddies? Now bave is burl, burl is burr cold burr is wood eye or is it would I?

Now you must be facing the wood to get this and have posted this stuff 3. Some times some people do things not for money. It is rare, but it happens. Those times and those people often capture out minds, hearts, and imagibation — just like Forrest has with his books.

If a person can do well for themselves financially while doing good in the world, they should! And should feel proud of it, even if they are the only person who knows.

Forrest fenn thrill of the chase book for sale

Working on the doing well part still. I trusted my puzzling skills. I have tenacity. Urgency is not a good plan to fallow.

Forrest fenn thrill of the chase book for sale

Put it all together! Riven becomes Raven.

Forrest fenn thrill of the chase book for sale

Tittle title, a dot. Dots in the final area. To graph. Found is melt, blend, marry, fold. Keep is to can. Up against is to butt abut, look at a K. Look at it not like a letter but as a butt up against.

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Gives you direction. A Sister can be a Sister without ever being either, and Woman can be a Woman without ever being anything but a Daughter.. I have enjoyed them all very much. Thanks Forrest, jenny and Mr nose. I find it distasteful and disrespectful. Thank you for the communications though! It amazes me how many reported searchers there are, versus how many books have been sold. Why would you skip getting the book? I get that. While technically true, a Philly Cheese Steak is way better.

Lack of funds, no space, and not a friend.

Thrill Of The Chase…

Having to keep moving — Homeless and virtually homeless have to carry everything all the time and of course, keep moving. Tried to rent a place and well. God can change attitudes and men.

PG—where about — what part of the country do you live? If you can handle the winter in MT. Hello Pen Ghost.

Forrest fenn thrill of the chase book for sale

Call your insurance company you deal with for your vehicle and see if there is something they can do being the vehicle is your home. Thanks pdenver. Already tried multiple times. I get laughed at by government and they all tell me the same thing — their hands are tied until there is a dead body — no joke.

No one can help anyone until there is a dead body. I have a stalker s who had a GPS installed into my RV when it was at a repair shop after being vandalized the first time. No one came forward other than one lady who would only acknowledge it informally. They all took the money. The extent to which people would harass me is beyond belief. We tried renting an apartment — obviously found again. Just tired and full of wonder at what money can do to make people evil puppets.

Sorry to have imposed upon others. Penghost, your writing is wonderful. But makes it difficult to be able to keep books, maps, etc. The RV has a weight limit and the truck is at its capacity to cart the RV. Too much weight would be a problem. At one point I put our clothes in plastic bags — An eye opener. One dress does not weight much; but all the clothes together is another sad story.

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You can find a lot of imaginary clues in a book. I did buy the book the summer after my first trip, and I found it helpful and confusing in about equal measure-. Forrest said no.

Where to Buy the Book

OK, let me make something perfectly clear. Trying to find the Fenn treasure without the books, is like walking into grizzly territory without bear spray. You are not giving yourself a chance. I hope that image stays with you.

Featured Question with Forrest Fenn and The Thrill of the Chase: Book Sales

Happy hunting. Stay safe. I think you have a better chance without the added information that could detract from thinking. How many books would it take to find the treasure? I thought all one needed was the poem which happens to be in the 1st book and a good map — good being rather opinionated. At the rate of this discussion, it has not been found with three books — do we need another three?

Poem and map I thought was for the everyday joe. But it seems that this Thrill of The Chase is designed for the wealthy and not the general population.

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