First Book By John Lescroart Author

First book by john lescroart author

First book by john lescroart author

On graduating from U. Berkley, he did various jobs before becoming a full-time writer, including working as a singer in Europe, a bar tender in an Irish pub in San Francisco and associate director of the Jewish Homes for the Aging in Los Angeles.

First book by john lescroart author

After doctors estimated he had two hours to live when he contracted meningitis, John Lescroart decided, on his return to health, to take the risk of writing full-time. John Lescroart lives in Northern California, with his architect wife and their two children. Dismas Hardy is looking forward to easing into retirement and reconnecting From New York Times bestselling author John Lescroart, a riveting standalone novel about the unexpected, shattering, and lethal consequences of a one-night stand on a seemingly happily married couple.

Kate loves her life. Late one night, a teenage African American foster From New York Times bestselling author John Lescroart, a riveting novel featuring Dismas Hardy and Abe Glitsky on the hunt for clues about a woman who has gone missing.

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Moses McGuire has good re New York Times bestseller John Lescroart delivers a dark, intimate thriller about the price we put on family and the terrible costs of seeking the truth.

Raised by loving adoptive parents, San Francisco private investigator Wyatt Hunt never had an From New York Times bestseller John Lescroart comes an explosive look at the seductive power of revenge and the terrible costs of justice.

The Curtlees are the most powerful family in San Francisco, unscrupulous billionaires who ve lined every imp Showcasing many of the organization's bestselling authors as well as rising stars in the genre, here Dominic Como is dead.

First book by john lescroart author

The politically connected society-page star, who ran one of San Francisco's biggest charities, has been bludgeoned to death -- his body hidden in plain sight in the upscale Marina District. His distraught widow and bereaved frie Bay Beans West, the coffee shop at the corner of Haight and Ashbury, is always crowded with customers, and manager Dylan Vogler has done very well for himself.

Maybe too well. After he's found dead behind the shop -- still wearing a backpack full of On Spain's Costa Brava, passion and intrigue are everywhere- especially in the hearts of those who dwell there.

As the dictator Franco teeters on the edge of overthrow, two couples are entwined. One is a husband and wife bored with the existence they John Lescroart's millions of fans have been waiting three years for the return of San Francisco defense attorney Dismas Hardy and his buddy, detective Abe Glitsky and in that time John Lescroart's popularity has continued to soar.

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Now, Hardy and Glit The spouse is always the first suspect. But as his wife's body lies next to the hot tub at their San Francisco home, Stuart Gorman seems confident the cops will recognize his innocence.

So confident, in fact, that he freely discusses Caryn's recent r Since then, others have joined, both on and off the official payroll. Their common interest is obtaining justice--one way or another. But they don't mind having a littl With their park view and their old-fashioned detail, the Victorian houses on San Francisco's Steiner Street were highly valuable.

With their wooden construction, they were also highly vulnerable.

The Rule of Law

So when Paul Hanover's multimillion dollar home went u Although he appears to have reached the top, Dismas Hardy, rainmaker and managing partner of his thriving San Francisco law firm, has lost his faith in the justice system. When his young associate Amy Wu brings in a high profile, controversial double They date back to the wilder days of San Francisco's vigilante past--the Patrol Specials, a private police force that keeps watch for paying clients.

Unfortunately, Sam Silverman--an elderly pawnshop owner and a friend of Lt.

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Abe Glitsky's father--co When HMO executive Tim Markham is hit by a car during a morning jog through his exclusive San Francisco neighborhood, he has the bad luck to be transported to one of his own hospitals But in spite of the rumors ab The call comes at midnight.

An up-and-coming lawyer has been found dead in a dark alley, a homeless heroin addict holding a gun and lingering over her body. It looks like a robbery gone awry, a tragic and petty murder. But for homicide lieutenant Abe When San Francisco attorney Dismas Hardy gets a call saying his wife never picked the kids up from school, he's worried.

Frannie's a great mother. Turns out there's a good explanation: She's in jail. Unbeknownst to her husband, Frannie has just ap Now he spends his days in a lawyer's suit, billing hours to a corporate client in a downtown San Francisco office. Hardy's wife and kids like it that way.

Order of Auguste Lupa Mystery Series

Then one client changes everything. Mark Dooher is a prosperous San Francisco attorney and a prominent Catholic, the last person anyone would suspect of a brutal crime. But Dooher, a paragon of success and a master of all he touches, is about to be indicted for murder.

Charged with The walls were champagne.

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The house was immaculate. A prosperous doctor lived there with his son and his beautiful wife. But the elegant walls hid a family's secret. In a city of tolerance and hope, everything came apart. One man died at the hands of another.

The next victim was killed by a mob.

Now fires burn in the night, helicopters throb through the air, and politicians, lawyers and cops vie for the remnants The first evidence is found in the belly of a shark: a hand sporting a jade ring.

The hand belongs to a Silicon Valley billionaire. When the rest of his bullet-ridden body washes up on shore, Dismas Hardy, assistant D. A seedy lawyer used somebody else's money. It's the vig - the exorbitant interest mob loan sharks take on their money. Now, in the city by the Bay, everyone has to pay The news of young Eddie Cochran's death calls for a double.

First book by john lescroart author

The cops think it's suicide, but even to a lapse Auguste Lupa, reputed son of the greatest detective of all time-and possessor of a brilliant deductive mind in his own right-is summoned to the court of the Czar. There, with a bit of assistance from none other than Holmes and Watson, he untangles a Only one man can match wits with a criminal of suc We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB.

John T. Lescroart

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First book by john lescroart author

Lescroart Book Lists John T. Book List: 33 titles. The Rule of Law. The Last Death Penalty aka Poison.

John Lescroart

The Fall. The Keeper. The Ophelia Cut. The Hunter.

John Lescroart

Wyatt Hunt - 3. The Gato Conundrum. Treasure Hunt. Wyatt Hunt - 2.

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A Plague of Secrets. The Suspect. The Hunt Club.

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Wyatt Hunt - 1. The Motive. The Second Chair. The First Law. The Oath. The Hearing.