Fasti Book 2 Translation Software

Fasti book 2 translation software

Book Three

Translated by A. This work may be freely reproduced, stored, and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose. Come Mars , God of War, lay aside your shield and spear:. Silvia , the Vestal , why not begin with her? See, my uncle, Amulius , wielding an axe against the trees,.

Meanwhile Remus and Quirinus were growing,. Silvia became a mother.

Fasti book 2 translation software

They say the images of Vesta. Now should I forget you, Larentia , nurse of such a nation,. Nor, poor Faustulus , the help that you gave.


For Remus not to leap, small though they were. And earlier, Mars was worshipped above all the gods:. Athens worshipped Pallas : Minoan Crete , Diana :. Pine-crowned Faunus by Maenalian Arcadia :. Mars, who directs the sword, was revered by Latium :. Who knew the Hyades or Pleiades , the daughters.

Knew that there are two Bears , the Sidonians steering.

By Cynosura , the Greek sailor noting Helice :. That the signs Apollo , the Sun, travels in a whole year,. So Vesta may be brightly dressed with new leaves. That in this month worship of Anna Perenna begins. Until the time of your wars, faithless Carthaginian. Lastly Quintilis is the fifth quintus month from March,.

Numa Pompilius, led to Rome from the lands of olives,. Learning it from Pythagoras of Samos, who believed. We could be reborn, or was taught it by his own Egeria.

Fasti book 2 translation software

When Caesar took it, and many other things, in hand. Tell me, Gradivus , Marching God, why women keep. So I spoke. And Mars answered, laying aside his helmet,.

Fasti book 2 translation software

Rome was little, if you wish to trace its first beginnings,. He prepared a feast for the god, Consus. Consus will tell you.

Ovid: Fasti

Cures was angered, and all who endured that same wrong:. Or because Ilia happily became a mother through me,. On the hill that now has the name of Esquiline ,. Nymph, Egeria , wife to Numa , speak of your actions.

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Here Hippolytus hides, who was torn to pieces. Egeria , goddess dear to the Camenae , supplies the water:. The Quirites were too prompt to take up arms,. And Numa quietened them with justice, and fear of the gods. Picus and Faunus , each a deity native to Roman soil,.

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There was a grove, dark with holm-oaks, below the Aventine ,. Generations now worship you, by the name of Elicius. Mamurius carried out the task: whether he was superior. Now the girded wife of the peak-capped Flamen Dialis. One of the two fishes Pisces will have vanished.

The constellation, whether you call it Arctophylax ,. Or dull Bootes , will have been sinking, fleeing your sight.


But even the Grape-Gatherer will not yet have escaped you:. He fell: but Liber raised the fallen youth to the stars. All you who worship at the shrine of chaste Vesta ,. To the countless titles Caesar chose to earn,. The honour of the High Priesthood was added. Gods of ancient Troy , worthiest prize for that Aeneas.

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The temple of Veiovis was consecrated today before the two groves. When Romulus ringed his grove with a high stone wall,. Jove carried his lightning bolts after the Giants dared. Ossa blazed with his new fires, and Pelion higher than Ossa,.

As soon as night falls you will see the Cretan Crown :. Meanwhile Bacchus had conquered the straight-haired Indians,. The horns of a gleaming bull captivated my mother. In fire, and were snatched from the flames by your father. The crown Vulcan gave to Venus , and she to you. The happy feast of Anna Perenna is held on the Ides,. Not far from your banks, Tiber , far flowing river.


Wretched Dido burned with love for Aeneas ,. Realm, and Iarbas the Moor captured and held the palace. The Tyrians scattered, as each chanced to stray, as bees. Anna , was driven from her home, weeping on leaving. Of stony Crathis : the local people call it Camere.

And his daughter too, and had merged both peoples. That had been his dower, accompanied only by Achates ,. The Cytherean hero felt her fear, and spoke to her,.


When I dared to visit the houses of Tartarus. The year annus : others, Themis , or the Inachian heifer.

Fasti book 2 translation software

Anna had lately been made a goddess: Gradivus came to her. Our leader , when Vesta spoke from her pure hearth:. And you Lycurgus , who killed your own son in madness. Liber , before your birth the altars were without offerings,. Substances, and they say that Bacchus discovered honey. He was travelling from sandy Hebrus , accompanied. By Satyrs , my tale contains a not-unpleasant jest.


Once the Satyrs, and old bald-headed Silenus , had tasted it,. Bacchus stirs crowds of women with his thyrsus. They say that when Juno his stepmother was searching.

For the boy, the nymphs of Nysa hid the cradle in ivy leaves. Of manhood, is given to boys on your day, Bacchus :.

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This day, while now he shares that of torch-bearing Ceres :. Crowds go to the Argei their own page will tell who they are. It was when Saturn had been dethroned by Jupiter :. Warned by the three Fates, grim Styx had imprisoned him. You can see the little shrine of Minerva Capta ,. Of Falerii? This, an ancient inscription claims. The tuneful trumpets, and sacrifice to the mighty god.

Fasti book 2 translation software

What cure the Delphic god would prescribe for sterility. That the oracle sought the death of Helle and young Phrixus:. Their mother saw them, as she hovered by chance in the air,.