Eve Gensler Book Passage Travel

Eve gensler book passage travel

Get out the life boats!

Eve gensler book passage travel

Dave Eggers is about to take you on a cruise on the great ship Glory. One day a famous pirate who is revered by the Captain comes on board. The Captain especially loves the way the pirate looked riding a horse without a shirt.

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Description A savage satire of the United States in the throes of insanity, this blisteringly funny novel tells the story of a noble ship, the Glory , and the loud, clownish, and foul Captain who steers it to the brink of disaster. When the decorated Captain of a great ship descends the gangplank for the final time, a new leader, a man with a yellow feather in his hair, vows to step forward.

Though he has no experience, no knowledge of nautical navigation or maritime law, and though he has often remarked he doesn't much like boats, he solemnly swears to shake things up.

Eve gensler book passage travel

Together with his band of petty thieves and confidence men known as the Upskirt Boys, the Captain thrills his passengers, writing his dreams and notions on the cafeteria wipe-away board, boasting of his exemplary anatomy, devouring cheeseburgers, and tossing overboard anyone who displeases him.

Until one day a famous pirate, long feared by passengers of the Glory but revered by the Captain for how phenomenally masculine he looked without a shirt while riding a horse, appears on the horizon.

The Captain and the Glory: An Entertainment (Hardcover)

Absurd, hilarious, and all too recognizable, The Captain and the Glory is a wicked farce of contemporary America only Dave Eggers could dream up. He is the founder of McSweeney's, an independent publishing company, and cofounder of Voice of Witness, a book series that uses oral history to illuminate human rights crises around the world.

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He is the cofounder of National, a network of youth writing and tutoring centers with locations around the country, and of ScholarMarch, which connects donors with students to make college accessible.

He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. His work has been translated into forty-two languages.

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He lives in Northern California with his family. Praise For… "Eggers is still doing some of his strongest work Inherently hilarious The tone is cartoonish and naive and the illustrations by Nathaniel Russell are childlike, but sinister, reminiscent of a Hilaire Belloc story Eases a bit of the fear.

It's brilliant and iconic and straddles the lines of humor and timelessness and indispensability. Get it.

Eve gensler book passage travel

We need it. In a decade, the novel might exist, not as an explainer for our times, but more as a fun-house mirrored snapshot of a period Eggers deems a 'once-in-century' anomaly. Dave Eggers is one of those people. Dave Eggers is one of the best novelists in America right now, though, and he likes to get weird with his stories, so here we are.

Eve Ensler - In the Body of the World

Eggers presents these events matter-of-factly. This book gets it exactly right — the tone, the form, the kind of naive narrative that implies that all this is perfectly normal.

Eve gensler book passage travel

If there is any further metaphor involved, though, it is totally lost on me. One wants to say it mirrors politics?

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But truly no metaphor quite captures the sense of peril, nausea, uncertainty, and constant upheaval we feel on angry seas while under bad command. The worry is that you stop trying to describe it.

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Nothing else. This kept happening to me while reading this book.

Eve gensler book passage travel

The Captain and the Glory is completely absurd and true. It is as funny as it is scarily reflective of our times and current president.