Du Bois Vs Washington A Push Book

Du bois vs washington a push book

In the s, the Ku Klux Klan terrorism and racial-segregation laws had basically taken over the south.

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The Civil War Reconstruction had failed to make sure that full rights had been granted to the freed slaves. African Americans desperately needed a way to respond to the white supremacists of that time. Two main advocates for Negro rights were Booker T.

Analysis Of Booker T. Washington

Washington and W. Du Bois. Booker T.

Du bois vs washington a push book

Washington believed mainly in solving these problems through education. He believed in African Americans educating themselves through trades and investing in their own businesses. Proving to whites the value of their hard work could have an impact to the American economy.

The Education System Of The United States Essay

Du Bois also believed in self-improvement through education. However, he believed that first they must get rid of segregation.

Du bois vs washington a push book

If there was no other way of getting out of racial segregation without violence and rioting, then showing white leaders the value of African Americans in society is the way to go. Washington believed that through working hard and improving yourself with education would show white supremacists their real impact in society.

The Story of John Jones illustrates the clear differences of being raised white verses black during that time period. It shows how even coming from a less-fortunate home one can still bounce back and make something of them selves. It addresses the issues between Dubois and Washington because it shows how even through racial segregation John was able to learn from it and better his community through his newfound knowledge of society. Washington, Booker T. Costly, Andrew.

Essay on Comparing W.E.B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington

Hi Allen. After reading these articles l can feel more about racial segregation and how Negro treated at that time. If he wanted a suit of clothes made he went to a Negro tailor, and for shoes he went to a shoemaker of the same race. Du Bois believes it matters one learn to be a man, not just learn how to work.

Du bois vs washington a push book

To be more civilized, more think and improve is needed. Those who has racial segregation will not change their opinion even if you do well in your work. What important is communication between different races and education of them. Nobody needs to prove anything because we are same as we are all human beings. Although some people have racial discrimination and this problem continues for a long time, colored races can just keep moving on their own ways and ignore these people.

Hello Allen, nicely written blog. You should be given your rights inherently.

Du bois vs washington a push book

People should not have to prove that they are equal in order to receive rights, they should be immediately given to them because they are human. We are an intelligent species, it is ridiculous to put others of the same species lower than others because of the shade of their exterior. I understand that slow and steady can sometimes be the better choice, but allowing racism to continue just furthers racism, spreading it from generation to generation. To answer your second question, if the only possible way to escape racism was to prove the worth of colored people while still living in segregation, I guess I would accept it, but as I said before it would just perpetuate racism allowing segregation to persist.

Hi Allen, thanks for your blog. John was once a fun, lovable, good-natured boy who went off to college and became a serious, cold, snobbish person.

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Although John says he is happy he went to school and became a thinking person, doing so cut him off from his family and from the people of his town. We can understand that in such circumstances perhaps higher education is not the most ideal for a colored person. It seems understandable that Washington came to his conclusion, that blacks should stick to what they are used to, based on his foresight of situations like that of John Jones.

Hi Allen, I agree with your blog. Washington was trying to do what he thought was best. He knew that the white man would go for advice to the Negro because they were trained in building structures, carpenters, mechanics, brick masons, blacksmiths, engineers and so on.

It was important for the Negro to be respected for their skills. He wanted them to have a foundation for themselves and for the generations to come.

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Du Bois did get his education from Harvard University so probably had a different way of looking at things since experiencing the elite foundation. He had a vision. Hi Allen, good job! That did not come to mind when analyzing both methods, so that should be an interesting point to discuss in class today.

Moreover, I would not accept racial segregation even if I felt that was the only way out. This is a very good detailed blog!

Du bois vs washington a push book

You wrote good facts about both Washington and DuBois. They both has different perspectives on how Negroes can attain respect and educate themselves. Washington had a view that they should focus on labor skills more instead of education.

APUSH Review Booker T Washington and W E B DuBois

DuBois said that no matter what everything and everyone should be equal. There should be no segregation.

Du bois vs washington a push book

Maybe in that time period there was more going on. It was necessary to show people who underestimated Negroes, that they are needed. I believe that Washington always had the best intent for Black lives in America, but he basically wanted to grow internally and with minimal interaction with the people that had acted so wrongly before.

Hey Allen, great post and great explanations of the two different views on overcoming racial segregation. I must say that Du Bois had the more valid method of overcoming segregation as education really is one of the best methods of leveling the playing field among individuals.

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Simply accepting things as they are achieves absolutely nothing, surrender only makes the aggressors job easier. In order for any issue to be overcome, there must be resistance and opposition; this is most true in the context of the struggles for civil rights in the decades following the abolishment of slavery. The reality is, people are extremely stubborn and hesitant when it comes to changing their views on matters, and simply accepting a lower status will achieve nothing.

Du Bois had the right opinion and I believe it has proven itself time and time again. DuBois brings in a long lasting aspect, since he was educated. He knew that in order for segregation to lessen we have to prove your capability. Proving your hard work can have an impact and make others feel that you should be valued. This can be done by educating yourself and proving that you indeed deserve to have rights.

The Debate Between W.E.B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington

The article was talking about the racial segregation. Washington thought that African Americans should proving to white their values by hard working, educate themselves; Du Bois thought that first they must get rid of segregation. I am agree with Du Bois opinion. You must be logged in to post a comment. Skip to content In the s, the Ku Klux Klan terrorism and racial-segregation laws had basically taken over the south.

Black History Month: Photos of Booker T. Washington Symbolizing Black Empowerment

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