Dreamfall Chapters Book Three Realms Review Journal Newspaper

Dreamfall chapters book three realms review journal newspaper

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Everything below this point will contain spoilers! Last edited by orthmann; June 19th, at AM. Reason: Editorial Sweep. Collect all other trophies to unlock this trophy. Select Home and then Find out to proceed with the story. Leading to the game's first Decision Point which will have major consequences for the story and gameplay.

Decision Points: The unknown path: This choice will later unlock Wel-ding! I don't know why I lost faith, but Either of the above choices will unlock the trophy.

Balsay will tell Kian to block the gate by using the lever.

Dreamfall chapters book three realms review journal newspaper

Quickly run towards the gate and use the lever. If you fail to do this in time, the guards will automatically kill Kian with 3 arrows to the heart. You will respawn to retry again.

Dreamfall chapters book three realms review journal newspaper

Once the gate has been blocked, arm yourself with a weapon by picking up the sword to the left of the gate. Now return back to Balsay he's called The Captain and talk to him. He will tell Kian that the only way out of the Friar's Keep prison is through a portal created by magic. However, only one of them can pass through the portal before it closes and it requires a sacrifice.

Dreamfall chapters book three realms review journal newspaper

This portal is dark magic and it requires blood, pain and a life. Decision Points: Spare his life: "How many more deaths before this night is over? No, there's been enough bloodshed.

I don't want another life on my conscience.

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I'd rather risk death. He has embraced death in a way I never could. Where I only saw defeat, he sees victory. I don't know where this path may lead, but what choice do I have now? At the start of the chapter, you'll be outside the Seshadai Tower. Walk towards the Nela Bites food cart watch the woman Nela getting harassed by two EYE operatives about not having a permit. You have a choice between Pork Sausages or Cheese Soup. Either choice really doesn't matter, so choose whatever you want.

To find this building turn around and head straight down the main path. To the right will be a ramp going down.

Head down this ramp and then turn left to go down two flights of stairs. From the stairs head straight down the alley, turn right and keep going straight down this path until you see a large fountain called Collapse memorial. You want to turn left and follow the path. You should now see a The Hand That Feeds logo sign on the right wall.

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It's pointing to the entrance, so follow it around the right corner. You should now see another The Hand That Feeds logo sign, only this time on a door.

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Interact with this door to enter the building. Inside the building, head up the small stairs and walk towards Reza who's on the left. You'll have a choice between Change subject or Talk about it. Either of these choices will unlock the trophy, so choose whatever you want. During Chapter 2: Propast , after delivering the boyfriend's lunch you'll get the goal to head to work at the Pandemonium, in the Bricks.

Return back to the Collapse memorial, turn right and head straight down this passage until you enter the area with pink lights. To the left of this area is a garage with the words Pandemonium painted on it.

Walk towards the Buzzer next to the garage and interact with it to get granted access inside. Inside the building, talk to Mira and she will want you to activate the Shitbot. Take the Shitbot outside for testing.

Dreamfall chapters book three realms review journal newspaper

When you're outside, the chapter is now titled Chapter 2: At work. Talk to the Shitbot and complete the four following tasks: Human Interaction Bot-to-bot interface Repair program Security Program I recommend doing them in the order I have listed above.

Dreamfall chapters book three realms review journal newspaper

Although, the order in which you complete them doesn't really matter. After finishing the final test, interact with the Shitbot and you'll automatically be back inside the Pandemonium building. Walk towards Mira and talk to her, the trophy unlocks after the conversation comes to an end.

During Chapter 2: Propast , after delivering the boyfriend's lunch you'll get the goal to head to work at the laboratory, on the walkway above Kaprova.

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To make this simpler, return back upstairs where Nela Bite's is at. On the catwalk, go right, turn right, and go down the stairs on the left. There should be a door labeled Lab at the end of this path on the right.

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Inside the lab, walk inside the room and Ada will automatically talk to you. She will tell you that she has purchased a refurbished bot to help with the test.

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This bot is Kidbot and you must take the bot with you to run tests. After getting Kidbot, simply head outside for testing. Talk to the Kidbot and follow her to place the algae in the river.

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There are two of these tests that need to be completed. After finishing the final test, interact with Kidbot and Mira should talk to you. Walk inside the room and Ada will automatically talk to you and the trophy will unlock after the conversation comes to an end. When you get there, you will see Mr London in a hostile confrontation with Baruti. You're given the choice to either interfere with the confrontation and stop the fight or stay out of it completely. The choice is yours, but you do have a limited amount of time to make the choice.

If you choose to interfere, simply walk closer to Mr London to automatically interfere with the confrontation. After you made your choice, walk towards Baruti and talk to him. You'll be given two different choices of Go home or Explore.


I recommend that you select Go home to instantly unlock the trophy and move into Chapter 2: Home. Last edited by orthmann; June 20th, at AM. Saga The Balance has been rattled. Story related and cannot be missed. She's an infant during this chapter and you're stuck in a crib. To climb out of the crib, you need to interact with the pillow.

A floating spirit will be at the doorway whispering Saga's name.

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Follow the spirit into the kitchen where Pappa is seen cooking. You must not run with or Pappa will notice Saga outside her crib and puts her back inside. If you're caught, you can always climb out of the crib to retry again.

Dreamfall chapters book three realms review journal newspaper

To avoid the Pappa, simply walk underneath the table to the right of the kitchen. Follow the spirit into the dining room, where Mamma is typing. The spirit is by the closed door and Mamma will not put Saga back into the crib. To open the closed door, interact with Mamma twice to get her attention.

Once you have her attention, walk towards the closed door and interact with the handle. Mamma will open it for you and the spirit will now be floating over a baby rattle. Walk towards the spirit and interact with the rattle to trigger a cutscene and unlock the trophy.

For this trophy to unlock, you're going to have to reject them and later let Kian stay in his cell where the door will automatically close and seal him in there forever.

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If Kian is no longer alive, the Book's stories cannot continue. Everyone's stories end and this results in the game ending abruptly as the credits start rolling. You can still obtain this trophy during your first initial playthrough. This is how I recommend doing it.