Dha Suffa University Karachi Address Book

Dha suffa university karachi address book

Recognition and Approvals

The University offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in Engineering, Computer Science and Management Sciences. At DSU, students receive quality education and become acquainted with individuals who share diverse interests, yet blend in very easily.

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Thus, DSU not only helps to expand the mental faculties of individuals but also transforms them into more open-minded, accepting and involved citizens. Going forward, DSU intends to become a well-known institution for higher education and research by extending the frontiers of knowledge and contributing towards grooming the scholars of tomorrow. From the expansion of infrastructure to the development of technology, revamp of curricula to formation of pedagogy, addition of foreign qualified faculty to introduction of new programs, DSU has been committed to providing well-equipped engineers, computer scientists, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

Dha suffa university karachi address book

In its very first participation in the annual ranking process of HEC for the year , DSU achieved the impressive ranking of 31 out of public and private sector universities of Pakistan. The University currently ranks On both the occasions, CIEC was pleased to see rapid growth of the University and high standards of education being maintained.

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DSU is an equal opportunity institution with merit being the sole criteria for admission. For Details click here. For Fee Structure click here. DSU offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in Engineering, Computer Sciences and Management Sciences. Typically, an undergraduate program at DSU requires credit hours in 8 semesters spreading over 4 years to complete.

Dha suffa university karachi address book

Graduate programs may take 2 to 3 years to complete, while PhD programs consist of a coursework of 18 credit hours, a research thesis of 36 credit hours, a proposal defense and a thesis defense.

DSU boasts of highly qualified faculty members who are actively engaged in academic and research activities. The faculty members have worked at the most prestigious national and international institutions, enabling them to impart latest knowledge of their subjects.

In addition, they write professional papers, research case studies and serve as advisors to public and private sector organizations on a regular basis.

Thus, they offer education that goes beyond the curriculum and help to equip students with the necessary knowledge required to carve a niche in the professional world.

Since its inception, DSU has been committed towards becoming an institution of international repute and has been following curricula that are in line with international practices. Some of these are as follows:. For Details click here:.

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To keep up with the rapid developments of this day and age, it is essential for individuals working at various levels of hierarchy in industries, organizations and institutions to keep updating their knowledge and skill sets. Constant training of individuals throughout their careers has become imperative for nations to obtain and retain an economic edge.

DSU has established a Professional Development Center PDC targeted at mid-career managers, senior managers and other professionals who wish to enhance their leadership potential.

Dha suffa university karachi address book

PDC at DSU conducts professional development courses to assist individuals in acquiring professional and technical knowledge required by their respective organizations and to facilitate the interaction between academia and industry.

Promote and enhance academic cooperation on national and international levels. Offer opportunities for learning Foreign languages to DSU's students as well as external students belonging to other universities, schools and colleges of Karachi.

DHA Suffa University

Promote cultural, academic and technological cooperation between Pakistan and various foreign countries, thereby, equipping students and faculty alike with cross-cultural competencies essential for success in their professional careers. To equip students with a 'skill set' that shall enable them to thrive in multi-cultural environments and embark on international career paths after their graduation.

The main aim of these summer camps was to encourage students to explore Germany as a destination for higher studies and to appreciate Germany's technological prowess in automotive engineering. A total of fifteen students from DSU participated in these summer camps. The Quality Enhancement Cell QEC of DSU embeds quality in all academic degree programs, develops quality assurance processes and methods of evaluation and monitors the people involved in such activities faculty, students and staff.

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Monitor and enhance students' learning. Verify that the existing programs meet their objectives and institutional goals.

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Provide feedback for quality assurance of academic programs and support services. Recognition and Approvals. Scholarships and Fee Concessions.

Undergraduate Programs. Graduate Programs.

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Doctoral Programs. Research and Academic Collaborations.