Deadtime Stories Grave Secrets Book

Deadtime stories grave secrets book

Deadtime Stories Series.

Deadtime Stories

Book 1. Terror in Tiny Town by A. Willy has the coolest train set ever. Even though… More. Want to Read.

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Shelving menu. Shelve Terror in Tiny Town.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rate it:. Book 2. Invasion of the Appleheads by A.

Deadtime stories grave secrets book

For Robin and Andy, moving to a new town is… More. Shelve Invasion of the Appleheads. Book 3.

Deadtime Stories S01E04 The Witching Game

Along Came A Spider by A. The dusty old science kit under Mikey's bed is… More. Shelve Along Came A Spider. Book 4. Ghost Knight by A.

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Calling all ghosts. Cody's not expecting to… More. Shelve Ghost Knight. Book 5. Revenge of the Goblins by A.

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When Nina and Sammy come upon a creepy old tree… More. Shelve Revenge of the Goblins. Book 6.

Deadtime stories grave secrets book

Little Magic Shop of Horrors by A. Peter Newman really wants a twenty-one-speed… More. Shelve Little Magic Shop of Horrors.

Deadtime Stories Series

Book 7. It Came from the Deep by A. Randi and Garrett are in for the vacation of… More. Shelve It Came from the Deep.

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Book 8. Grave Secrets by A. Some secrets refuse to stay buried…. Amanda… More.

Grave Secrets

Shelve Grave Secrets. Book 9. Mirror Mirror by A. When Lindsey and her friends play "Mary… More. Shelve Mirror Mirror.

Deadtime stories grave secrets book

Book Grandpa's Monster Movies by A. Shelve Grandpa's Monster Movies. Nightmare on Planet X by A.

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When the plane Nicky and his family are flying… More. Shelve Nightmare on Planet X. Welcome to the Terror-Go-Round by A. Hold on tight--the ride's about to begin!

Deadtime stories grave secrets book

Alex and… More. Shelve Welcome to the Terror-Go-Round. The Beast of Baskerville by A. Shelve The Beast of Baskerville. Trapped in the Tiny Town by A. The heroes of Deadtime 1, have been shrunk and… More. Shelve Trapped in the Tiny Town. Cyber Scare by A.

Deadtime stories grave secrets book

Two computer nerds suddenly find themselves… More. Shelve Cyber Scare. Night of the Pet Zombies by A.

Deadtime stories grave secrets book

Eddie is stuck with the worst science project… More. Shelve Night of the Pet Zombies.

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Faerie Tale by A. This story begins when an evil fairy visits a… More.

Books in this Series

Shelve Faerie Tale. Who's Giggling Now? Shelve Who's Giggling Now? The Witching Game by Annette Cascone.

Deadtime Stories: Grave Secrets

Shelve The Witching Game. Book 2, Deadtime Vol. Set by A. Shelve Deadtime Vol. Deadtime Stories Activity Book by A. Shelve Deadtime Stories Activity Book.