Craft Book Minecraft 1/4-20 Thread Dimensions

Craft book minecraft 1/4-20 thread dimensions

The basic concept can be modified to create any size shelf system needed. One of the goals of this Instructable is to avoid the unnecessary overbuilding that I frequently see on this site, and that I see every day working in the residential construction industry.

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Many of the building methods we in the US use today are horribly wasteful despite the advances that have been made in materials science and structural engineering, because most people in the residential building industry, from architects and engineers to carpenters, are mired in tradition, doing things a certain way "because that is how it has always been done", rather than consulting the best available science, or even questioning their own assumptions about "the right way to do it".

I don't intend to knock tradition, either. Many of the tricks, techniques, and tools that I use daily are definitely "old-school", but seem to have been forgotten. Thanks to my father for introducing me to this style of shelving, and who built a particularly fine example using stained fir 2x4s and 2x12s, black washers, and brass acorn nuts which is at least 25 years old and still in use.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Yes, measure twice. As you can see from the photo, there is very little waste. Trim the 1x8 boards to 8' exactly.

Before cutting each section of all-thread, run the wingnut onto the rod. After cutting the rod,remove the wingnut over the cut end to "chase" repair the threads. You should also double-check the length of your all-thread rods. I'd dummy one up and try it out before cutting all of them. It needs to be just long enough to catch a couple of threads and snug down without punching out through the cap nut. The actual "cap" portion of cap nuts is fairly thin, and if the all-thread is even a bit too long it will punch through the end when you snug it up.

Try to keep the hole as straight as possible, although a high degree of precision isn't necessary. Using the first piece drilled as a guide, drill the remaining seven pieces. Use a clamp, or just your hands, to keep the first "template" piece aligned with each successive piece. Use the same template piece for the other seven.

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If you wish to have a more finished appearance hah! It will be much easier to do it now, before the piece is assembled. Refer to the photos and the PDF. Place lengths of all-thread through the top and bottom holes on two pairs of 1x4s. Place a washer and a nut on each end of each length of all-thread. Note: washers have a "belly" formed when they are punched out of the sheet of metal.

Craft book minecraft 1/4-20 thread dimensions

Like a biscuit or cookie, the top edge is slightly rounded, and the bottom edge is a bit rough. Pay attention to the belly, placing the rough edge against the wood, and the smooth edge out. Place the top and bottom shelves into position on top of the all thread, leaving 2" extending out past the uprights.

The uprights clamp or pinch the shelves in place, so gently snug the nuts down to keep it all together. Assemble the other pairs of uprights in place around the top and bottom shelves, leaving 26" between the uprights. Fill all of the remaining holes with all-thread and loosely attach the nuts and washers.

Craft book minecraft 1/4-20 thread dimensions

Thread the remaining two shelves down the length of the unit, on top of the all-thread, and "snap" them into place. A scrap block and a hammer may be necessary to "snap them" down. Check the shelf assembly for square by measuring it for corner to corner.

If the two measurements are the same, it is square. Tighten all of the nuts, using, simultaneously, your tool of choice on each end of each rod.

Craft book minecraft 1/4-20 thread dimensions

Just snug them up; it is not necessary to get them "gorilla" tight. Tightening the nuts clamps the uprights against the shelves, holding them in place and providing shear strength through friction for the whole assembly. I know of an 8' tall, 12' long version of these shelves that has survived a few minor earthquakes while fully loaded with hundreds of books.

Once the nuts are tightened on my smaller versions, I all lbs of me have a very hard time "racking" the shelves by pushing on one end of them in an attempt to get them to collapse: I can't.

We'd been meaning to build these for over a year to replace a bulky entertainment center plus some cobbled together shelving for our TV wall. With a new 32" panel TV that only needed an 8" front-to-back shelf, this looked like a good choice! Since we live in rented housing, we couldn't attach anything to the walls but wanted something large enough to cover an exactly 8' x 8' wall without protruding the 27" into the narrow living room that the old furniture had while being "knock down-able" for future moves.

We finally did it! My parents have the space and Dad has the tools -- a drill press, forstner bits and a long workbench were pretty essential. We decided to use countersunk 2x4s as uprights. Dad was SOOO concerned that there wasn't any way they weren't going to go rhombus and kept trying to over-engineer the project my husband wasn't so certain, either!

Because we needed to fit a 32" wide TV into the center of the whole shebang, we spaced the uprights further out from the center and eliminated a couple of shelves from just that center section I also had the brainstorm to use two nail-in furniture "feet" on the bottom of each 2x4 on the front side so as to compensate for the carpet tack strip on the back edge and to make the shelves lean ever so slightly into the wall.

I thought we might have to anchor the top of it to the wall, but with the feet, it stands very firm with absolutely no signs of wanting to tip forward! I felt great satisfaction when the almost square inches of friction applied allowed for NO racking -- I could practically climb the end without anything budging!

We now have over 58 linear feet of shelving with space under for shoes for that wall that barely protrudes We plan to make at least two more units to accommodate the more than 15, books we own that are currently on store bought or cobbled shelving and in boxes plus have display space for our many collections Our only problem We measured from bottom 12", 12", 10", 10", 9", 9", 10", 10" with top shelf at 13" from the ceiling.

Introduction: Cheap, Easy, Low-waste Bookshelf Plans

The shelves are only partially populated in the second pic because of our plans to get the other units done soon -- we knew we'd have to have space to move what we DO have on the other wall somewhere while we build Sorry for the long description Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. Very helpful additional info. Another book lover too , we just moved and pared our collection down to about 8, books.

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This may be the best comment I have ever received on one of my projects. Thanks, and thanks for the photos.

Cheap, Easy, Low-waste Bookshelf Plans

Good for you for sticking to your guns; see what I mean about everyone wanting to over-engineer everything? Made this bookshelf with a little alterations. I made it 8'x8'. There was no cutting involved because I bought 8' 1x3's.

There are 8 shelves of slightly varying heights. If I did it again I would have about 12 shelves on the 8' but we will stack on this. I stained it using a poly-stain. Thought this would take less time. I will never use this again.

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It left drips all over the place.. I would have been better off using stain then polyurethane. I also made the mistake of bying oil based rushing in the store. Didn't realize until I went to wash my hands.

If you ever do this I found out that cooking oil followed by dishsoap works great to take oil based paints off your hands. Only put them on front because I needed I also put metal cable on the ends drilling two holes at the end of each shelf and x'ing it so the books wouldn't fall off got this idea from the poster who used clothesline.

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My husband did not not believe it wouldn't "rack" but it is VERY sturdy. Will be making more.

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Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. Looks good, and like it fits the space well. Thanks for the photo. I've been having good luck recently with stain conditioner, stain, and Sherwin-Williams Fast Dry varnish.

The varnish is good stuff and lays down nicely. Just built a bookshelf with your method. It was easy.

Craft book minecraft 1/4-20 thread dimensions

Glued strips of wood to the back of the shelves to stop books going through. It's incredibly sturdy but I live in Christchurch so we'll see how it survives through a few earthquakes. Reply 8 years ago on Introduction.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Thanks for the photos, and the prospects of field testing. The town I live in was destroyed by earthquakes in the s, but we haven't had anything significant since then. Hasn't budged an inch.

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Hugely satisfied with the design. Here is the one I built. I like it! Thanks for sharing the plans. This worked like a charm and I love the simplicity.