Comic Book Nerd Gifts Amazon

Comic book nerd gifts amazon

The Boost Creative Toolbox helps your child get a well-rounded idea of the many different types of technology that may go into any single device. Which is an incredibly valuable lesson that helps broaden their worldview and better understand the interconnectedness of things.

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Be sure to also check out our list of the best coding toys for more great items like this. We all know by now how the books and films ended but what if you really wanted to see Neville play a much bigger role?

This is a multiplayer, multi- board game that progresses through all the classic Harry Potter adventures with the twist that your kids can now affect different outcomes. This is a great way to introduce kids to cooperative gaming while allowing them to flex their inner Hermione. Who wishes they had candy in the shape of Yoda?

20 Gifts For Nerds in 2020

These surprisingly detailed BPA free silicone molds can be used for a slew of different purposes from making the aforementioned candy to creating homemade bars of soap with whom the force is strong. Set of 8 Star Wars Silicone Ice Cube Molds and Chocolate Baking Molds makes great geek presents and are completely safe in both the oven and freezer and there are 8 different ones so you can keep the fun coming in ways that would drive Han Solo nuts but would probably get a big yuck out of Chewy.

Make sure you check our guide to ice cube trays for more interesting products like this. The Nintendo Switch provides maybe the first glimpse into a future where gaming is truly liberated and entirely, or at least mostly, mobile. The locking mechanism is simple and effective so you can bring the gaming joy to that plasma TV when you get home where you can bring together as many as 8 Switch systems for multiplayer action.

Best Gifts for Comic Book Lovers

Whether that food was the lembas bread being shared by Frodo and Sam as they ventured through Mordor or the Romulan Ale being served in 10 Forward on Star Trek the Next Generation Cassandra Reeder has done her best to figure out what they would have actually tasted like and then devised recipes to make them yourself. Finding Christmas gifts for your geek can be tough but the Geeky Chef Cookbook runs off with our Best Value designation.

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Our handy guide to the best cook books features more great products like this. What could be more satisfying to the Trekker in your family than to be able to control their TV with this stunning replica from the Star Trek galaxy?

The Star Trek Phaser remote may not by itself help the nerd in your life live long and prosper, but it will help them engage, and perhaps even mind-meld, with their inner redshirt. Love this product? Check out our review of the best universal remotes for our top picks.

Comic book nerd gifts amazon

In other words, nerds will love it! A giant in the realm of geek gadgets.

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Your lucky nerd will also enjoy the hidden compartment in the floor used to smuggle our heroes onto the Death Star. If you are a fan, then make sure you also check our Lego Star Wars sets for more great items like this.

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R2D2 is one of the most beloved characters in the history of pop culture. R2D2 Measuring Cup Set is an officially licensed Star Wars product and as such conforms to rigorous quality control standards and accurately recreates R2 in all his blue and white glory.

Comic book nerd gifts amazon

A perfect kitchen gadget for a nerd in your life. Is someone you know a fan of the long-running TV series Dr.

Comic book nerd gifts amazon

Well, here is your chance to make their sci-fi dreams come true with a replica of the iconic blue police box used by the Doctor. Not all gadgets for geeks need to be high tech. The Star Trek Pizza Cutter is another of our food gifts for nerds that is going to bring a huge smile to the face of your favorite trekker. This is one utilitarian gift that is likely to spend most of its time being proudly displayed on the mantelpiece rather than put to work in the kitchen.

The Pizza Cutter has beautiful lines, a nice heft and is 8.

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Not for the kiddies. More real than dreams more dream-like than reality VR is a reimagining of experience that is influencing everything from medicine to entertainment to warfare. No smartphone or PC is necessary to activate the Oculus Go universe and you can even meet up inside the Oculus VR environment with other Oculus users from around the world.

The idea behind nuraphone is enough to make nerds and audiophiles sit up and take notice.

Comic book nerd gifts amazon

Essentially the first time you put on the nuraphone headphones they produce a series of tones that initiate a barely perceptible and unique response from your inner ear. Give a pair to the music lover nerd on your list and watch their eyes light up and their jaw drop. Nerd hearts everywhere will start fluttering when R2 rolls into the room.

The level of both physical and sonic detail is amazing and the control app is intuitive and provides a comprehensive command.

Comic book nerd gifts amazon

Tiny tots are likely to get befuddled by the app control mechanism but die-hard adult fans are likely to lose their hearts to this stunning example of high tech nerd stuff. Because no list of nerd products would be complete without it we present the ultimate expression of the dark side of breakfast: The Death Star Waffle Maker.

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Why have standard pancakes or waffles when you can create delicious Darth Vader approved Death Star waffles out of this simple, reliable appliance? Ever wonder how the Dark Knight carried his emergency cash?

Well, he obviously used a Batarang money clip just like this. Not for your average bookish nerd perhaps but pop culture and comic book fans will make it part of their everyday carry.

13 geeky gifts for the comic book fans in your life (including yourself)

Find more great products like this by checking out our guide to the best money clips. If your favorite nerd is no fan of the dark you can score major gifting points with them by giving them a Minecraft-themed Ore Cube Night Light. This is a nice gift for the younger nerd who has everything except emotional protection from the dark.

Great desk toy gifts for nerdy guys that sit proudly on nightstands, dressers, desks or anywhere else your budding nerd wants to put one, or two. Gift ideas for the nerd are by definition, well, nerdy. The Bubble Wrap Calendar not only allows you to keep track of the passage of days it also allows you to send each one off with its own distinctive Pop! Everyone knows Monopoly. Just as many if not more know Super Mario.

Comic book nerd gifts amazon

Make sure you also check out our guide to the best solo board games. The last of our gifts for nerds features a compelling minimalist design that leverages the mystery of magnetic attraction and repulsion to create maybe the most fascinating table lamp ever.

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