Chew On This Book Read Online

Chew on this book read online

Chew is an American comic book series about a U. Food and Drug Administration FDA agent who solves crimes by receiving psychic impressions from food, including people. The series has won two Eisner Awards and two Harvey Awards.

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Chew' s first issue was released in June , and the series concluded with its 60th issue in November Set in a world where all chicken and other bird meats are illegal, after a catastrophic outbreak of the bird flu that killed 23 million Americans, Chew centers on Tony Chu, a police detective who is a Cibopath pronounced "see-bo-path" [4].

Tony becomes a vice cop with the Philadelphia Police Department , and when on assignment, trying to find people smuggling chicken, he enters a black market chicken restaurant on invitation from the U. He has a bowl of chicken soup only to find he gets a psychic impression of the cook killing people and putting them into the soup.

He goes to bust the cook, only for the cook to kill himself outside the restaurant. Chu eats a bite of the cooks tongue to find out the names of the rest of the victims. The first case that Tony and Savoy are assigned to is finding out what happened to a Health Inspector named Evan Pepper, based on a finger found inside of a hamburger at a fast-food restaurant.

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During the investigation, Tony has a hit put out on him by a business man named Ray Jack Montero. Savoy runs off to discover what really caused the so-called Bird Flu, and banned all chicken consumption.

Chew: The Omnivore Edition, Vol. 6

Tony takes some time off and flies with his brother to an island called Yamapalu. Chu is there to investigate a certain plant called a Gallsaberry which tastes exactly like chicken. Chu meets with a United States Department of Agriculture agent, who tells Tony that she will tell him all she knows about Gallsaberry, but unfortunately she's murdered and Tony is framed. After confiscating the rooster, Tony goes to the morgue to find out more about Gallsaberries.

During this time, the chief of police steals Poyo.

Chew on this book read online

Tony than eats a Gallsaberry raw and finds out that it is from outer space. Tony is shot at by an employee of Montero, but is missed, and has a confrontation with a person known as The Vampire who is also a cibopath. Tony finds out that Poyo had been moved to America, so he retrieves him and shuts down a cockfighting ring. It is also revealed Montero knew that the bird-flu outbreak was going to happen before it did, so Mason Savoy had his partner, Caesar, go undercover inside of Montero's company.

Caesar was the one who shot at Tony in Yamapalu and intentionally missed.

See a Problem?

Montero is captured, and Savoy is surrounded by the FDA when they were watching one of Montero's buildings. Amelia finds a toe that was in Tony's fridge, given to him from an old girlfriend.

Tony brings Amelia and John with him to his family's Thanksgiving. We meet his friendlier twin sister Toni. While giving grace, there is a 2 car pile-up outside and alien writing in the sky. A week later, the FDA is making the writing in the sky a priority over the chicken ban. Tony teams up with Mason's old partner Caesar to look for a former FDA agent named Migdalo Daniel who is a Voresoph , Migdalo attacked the agents and accidentally killed himself.

It turns out that a student named Peter Pilaf has a new food related power.

Chew on this book read online

After detaining him, Tony finds out that Pilaf had sent a recipe to astronauts on the Fisher-Okroshka International Space Station which exploded shortly afterwards. It turns out that a servant of The Vampire on the Space Station caused the station to explode and escaped with some computer files and a Gallsaberry. They go to Area 51 , Area 51 has pieces of the Space Station including the body of an astronaut. Tony bites the astronaut and discovers The Vampire's involvement. Caesar then informs Mason that the writing disappeared four days ago.

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Mason decides to kidnap Olive. Tony and Colby are sent to investigate an egg worshiping cult that predicted the disappearance of the sky writing to the minute. They go undercover and sneak inside the church, and while trying to steal their holy book, the other members of the church drink poisoned Kool-Aid to absolve their sin of eating chicken.

Tony is transferred to the Municipal Traffic Division. His new boss seems very excited to have him there.

Chew on This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food

Tony then helps to arrest a gang of bank robbers. Note: After Chew 18, the story then leaps to Chew 27 showing the reader events taking place a year later. It then returns to issue Tony is in the hospital after being injured in some way. Toni goes to visit him and after chatting with Caesar who came to wish him well, heads back to work. An old friend of Toni's shows up, he had gotten his hands on some Chogs AKA Frickens that had been bred with some psychoactive frogs he had.

He tries to sell them, but D-Bear shows up and steals all of them. Toni and her supervisor, Paneer, go to D-Bear's restaurant to confiscate the Chogs. D-Bear tries to escape but Toni, who had a gun already in her hands, jumps and bites him in the shoulder.

She then lets him leave, D-Bear is then hit by a truck and is taken to the hospital. Later, Tony has a mysterious visitor. Chew 27 went on sale May 11, A second printing, subtitled "2nd Helping Edition," went on sale June 20, between the release of issue 26 and issue The protagonist. Tony is a cibopath. He's been called a "By-the-book square that never met a department regulation you couldn't love. Not much of Tony's backstory has been revealed yet, but he has a large family and that when he was a beat cop he proposed to his girlfriend named Min "Mindy" Tso who wanted Tony to eat one of her toes.

She went insane. It turns out that Tony still has the toe. John was Tony's partner in the Philadelphia PD. When Tony gets a psychic sensation from his chicken soup and goes to arrest the chef, John is incapacitated by a butcher's knife to the face.

John is often seen eating illegal chicken products whenever he can, and is apparently gay after sleeping with his boss to keep him from pestering Tony. He was informed about this after Mason attempted to get John on his side and attacked.

Forcing Tony to team up with Mason's former partner Caesar. He can control electronic devices with the computers in his head, even though he doesn't understand how. There he is partnered with a cyborg lion named Buttercup. Chow is Tony's older brother. After chicken was banned he freaked out on air and his show was put on permanent hiatus.

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He began buying illegal chicken [5] He found out about Montero's business and informed Tony. However he finds out that Yamapalu does not serve chicken but Gallsaberries instead. He informs to the FDA so they let him continue. He may have killed at least 5 people. He leads Tony and John into a black market chicken restaurant which results in John getting his face cut and Tony getting outed as a cibopath. Toni bites him in the shoulder, he's hit by a truck and is sent to the hospital. Savoy was Tony's first partner at the FDA.

He's a large man who fights with a pair of sai. He is also a cibopath and worked with the FDA for a very long time.

Chew on This

He is very interested in what actually happened on the day of the bird-flu incident, and a flashback showed him holding a dying woman in his arms on that day. It is revealed that Savoy is the one who killed Evan Pepper, but not why.

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Applebee is Tony's boss at the FDA. He doesn't like Tony and tries to make his job very difficult. Once, Applebee was informed that a hit was put on Tony and only decided to inform Tony after realizing it meant more paperwork if he was killed.

Chew on this book read online

Amelia is a food critic at a newspaper. She is a Saboscrivner. After seeing her a few times, Tony finally gets to meet her when he is supposed to get her fired, after she gets bored and decides to start writing about disgusting foods causing several people to vomit.

Chew on this book read online

When Tony goes to her office, she helps him defuse a situation with some terrorists from the group E. She goes with the governor of Yamapalu. The Vampire Real name unknown is a cibopath from Serbia.

Not much is known about him.

Collected Editions

He pretends to be a vampire to inspire fear and drinks blood instead of biting to learn things psychically using his powers. Toni short for Antonelle is Tony and Chow's sister. She works for NASA. It is later revealed that she had a drunken, sexual experience with Caesar, though she doesn't want him to remember it, possibly out of shame. Toni is eventually kidnapped by the Vampire, but apparently having foreseen her own death, ate a diet of beets so that he could not gain her abilities by eating her flesh.

She is killed by him after telling him she has already helped bring about his ultimate downfall at the hands of her brother. The Gardner-Kvashennaya International Telescope is one of the three most powerful telescopes in the world. The operating budget is 34 million dollars per year.

It spent 2 years focused on the planet Altilis Mason and Tony head there to find out about the mysterious death of Senator Hamantaschen.