Channel 4 Learning Microsites Book Boxes

Channel 4 learning microsites book boxes

Website: www.


Telephone for details. Other Channel 4 Information locations: You can also find lots of information about our channels in our FAQs and in our Annual Report which you'll find on our Corporate site.

Information around Advertising Sales can be found at Channel 4 Sales. Additionally, the television trade newspaper, Broadcast, is available from newsagents.

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The Channel currently operates a Preferred Supplier List which is reviewed annually. CV's sent into the Channel from recruitment agencies or consultancies who are not on our PSL will not be considered. Applications for current vacancies will be acknowledged by email or post as soon as possible. Due to the volume of applications received, for some vacancies, we regret that we are not able to provide feedback to individuals who are not invited for interview. All current vacancies can be found on our 4careers site - please click here.

Channel 4 receives a substantial amount of speculative CV's and unfortunately we are unable to individually reply to these. According to potential suitability some of the applications will be kept on file for 3 months. We discourage speculative candidates from sending in show reels to Channel 4. Anyone wishing to become a presenter will need to produce a showreel to forward to production companies and casting agents.

To help you we have listed some points to remember when making one:. Contact Pact to subscribe to their online directory of independent production companies.

Channel 4 learning microsites book boxes

We don't produce our own programmes at Channel 4. This means that we don't hire presenters, actors or extras. Your local library may hold copies of the publications: The Stage or Variety. These industry magazines both carry audition details. For information on careers in the media, try Skillset Careers.

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Skillset Careers is the specialist careers information, advice and guidance IAG service for broadcast, film, video, interactive media and photo imaging. For information regarding current vacancies at Channel 4, take a look at our Careers site. Therefore, you would need to approach an independent production company with your outline and try to persuade them to develop the idea. The television trade magazine, Broadcast, publishes a directory called 'The Production Guide' which lists names and addresses of independent production companies as does the The British Film Institute.

As of February , Ofcom has approved product placement in TV programmes specifically made for UK audiences as long as this placement complies with the Ofcom rules.

Channel 4 learning microsites book boxes

If you would like to read more about this click here to to go to the Ofcom wesite. US originated programming. ParentPort is a new website aimed at helping parents make their views heard on issues relating to inappropriate programmes, adverts, products and services. It has been created to make it easier for parents to complain about material they have seen or heard across the media, communications and retail industries. If you want to make a complaint about something you've seen or heard that you thought was unsuitable for children, ParentPort is there to help.

Channel 4 commission and buy programmes but don't produce any in-house. Consequently, there are no celebrities working in our offices. For this reason, we aren't able to provide autographs or signed photos.

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For this reason, we're unable to forward e-mails directly to Channel 4 talent and don't have access to photographs or autographs.

You would be best to search on the internet for a Fan Club to whom you could forward your mail.

Programme listings are sent to press two weeks in advance of transmission for all our channels. Until schedules are released to the press, the information is sensitive and embargoed. This policy applies equally to repeats and first showings. The television trade magazine, Broadcast, publishes a directory called 'The Production Guide' which lists names and addresses of independent production companies as does the British Film Institute.

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Over thirty years since the launch of the long running series, Countdown replaced the traditional print version of the Oxford Dictionary of English with Oxford Dictionaries Online in The majority of our overseas programme sales distribution is handled by DRG.

If you are looking for the teachers notes that accompany our Learning programmes - go to the 4Learning website.

Channel 4 learning microsites book boxes

If you can't find your answer in our FAQ section, you can call us on lo-call number , we are open from 9am — 9pm Monday to Friday and from 10am — 7pm on weekends and public holidays or you can write via Channel 4 Enquiries, PO Box , Belfast, BT1 9DU.

The Channel 4 News website has a wealth of information including video clips, transcripts, Jon's Podcast and links to other relevant websites.

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Channel 4 News. If you have a story that you think Channel 4 News would be interested in, call or e-mail news channel4. Commercially released Channel 4 titles can be purchased via DVD retailers. If the video or DVD you want is not available through the Channel 4 store or another retailer, then the programme has not been released either by Channel 4 or any other distributor and is therefore not available for purchase.

However, you might be able to watch the programme again on line via our on demand Service, All 4 — click here.

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If you would like to apply to be a contestant on Countdown, please fill in the Countdown contestant application form and e-mail it back to us at countdown channel4. Find the form here: application form PDF. If we are looking for participants for our shows it would be listed on the Take Part page of our website - click here.

Channel 4 learning microsites book boxes

Information about our education and learning programmes can be found on our 4LEARNING site - but not all programmes are available to purchase, so do check our online All 4 on demand service to see if it is available to view there. Channel 4 welcomes feedback from our viewers.

Channel 4 learning microsites book boxes

Please click on the link here to read our Diversity and Equality Statements. Channel 4 is a commercial operation and like all organisations we have to balance the need to respond to comments and requests with the resources which that inevitably incurs.

Our aim is to try to minimise overheads so we can maximise our programme spend. We have looked at our call volumes and times of peak demand and have arranged the opening hours with this in mind. How can we help? The Undateables.

Search FAQs. Find FAQ by section. This FAQ was helpful. To help you we have listed some points to remember when making one: A showreel should be interesting, fun and certainly no more than minutes in length Include several short scenes e.

Channel 4 learning microsites book boxes

Please note we take no responsibility for Third Party sites. Please note we take no responsibility for Third Party websites.

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If you have a story Dispatches should investigate, e-mail dispatches channel4. Channel 4 does not provide one-off copies of programmes. Contact us.