Cereal Box Book Report Template Download

Cereal box book report template download

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Cereal box book report template download

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Free Book Report Template

Cereal Box Book Repor t. Over th e next month,. Student will decorate a. Include th e name of the cereal and a pictur e. Invent a name for the cereal th at is related to the title of the book and sound s like a cereal.

Cereal Box Book Report Templates – PPT, AI

Do not use the exact. You ma y want to look at so me real cereal boxes t o get some ideas.

Cereal box book report template download

Choo se a shape for the cereal. Then describe the.

Commercial Cereal Box

You can use the t emplate on the attached sheet or cover the side with white or light c olored paper an d do. Just make sur e you include th e m ain character and the setting. You can use the atta ched. It can be a puzzle, a word search, a word scramb le, a. Make sure it includes information fro m the book. The maximum number of stars you would be 5. You can use the template or create th e top of. Your prize must be something the main char acter could have used in. You can eve n include a pictu re of the prize on the.

"Cereal Box Book Report Template"

Your presentation will be a Practice your commercial to mak e sure of th e wording and the timing. Do not. Be dy namic and try to convin ce the audience to buy th e cereal. Optional: Be a character from the book when you present your commercial. This will be helpful for students.

Also, if stud ents mess up or. If stud ents need any glu e,.

Download "Cereal Box Book Report Template"

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Cereal Box Book Report

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Cereal box book report template download

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Free Cereal Box Book Report Template 3 Download

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Cereal box book report template download

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