Butcher Of Rostov Black Mass Book

Butcher of rostov black mass book

Chikatilo confessed to 56 murders and was tried for 53 of these killings in April He was convicted and sentenced to death for 52 of these murders in October , although the Supreme Court of Russia ruled in that insufficient evidence existed to prove Chikatilo's guilt in 9 of these murders. Chikatilo was subsequently executed in February At the time of his birth, Ukraine was in the grip of a famine caused by Joseph Stalin 's forced collectivization of agriculture.

The family seldom had sufficient food; Chikatilo himself later claimed not to have eaten bread until the age of 12, [7] adding that he and his family often had to eat grass and leaves in an effort to stave off hunger. He would later be taken prisoner after being wounded in combat.

He was a chronic bed wetter , and his mother berated and beat him for each offence. In Chikatilo's mother gave birth to a baby girl, Tatyana. Because Chikatilo's father had been conscripted in , he could not have fathered this child.

Modus Operandi / Methodology

As many Ukrainian women were raped by German soldiers during the war, it has been speculated Tatyana was conceived as a result of a rape committed by a German soldier. As Chikatilo and his mother lived in a one-room hut, this rape may have been committed in Chikatilo's presence. In September , [8] Chikatilo began his schooling. Although shy and ardently studious as a child, he was physically weak and regularly attended school in homespun clothing and, by , with his stomach swollen from hunger resulting from the post-war famine which plagued much of the Soviet Union.

At home, Chikatilo and his sister were constantly berated by their mother. Tatyana later recalled that in spite of the hardships endured by her parents, their father was a kind man, whereas their mother was harsh and unforgiving toward her children.

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Chikatilo developed a passion for reading and memorizing data, and often studied at home, both to increase his sense of self-worth and to compensate for his myopia , which often prevented him from reading the classroom blackboard. By his teens, Chikatilo was both a model student and an ardent communist. He was appointed editor of his school newspaper at age 14 [17] and chairman of the pupils' Communist Party committee two years later.

An avid reader of communist literature, he was also delegated the task of organizing street marches.

At the onset of puberty , Chikatilo discovered that he suffered from chronic impotence , worsening his social awkwardness and self-hatred. The same year, Chikatilo jumped upon an year-old friend of his younger sister and wrestled her to the ground, ejaculating as the girl struggled in his grasp. Following his graduation, Chikatilo applied for a scholarship at Moscow State University. Although he passed the entrance examination with good-to-excellent scores, [23] his grades were not deemed good enough for acceptance.

On three separate occasions, the couple attempted intercourse, although on each occasion, Chikatilo was unable to sustain an erection. Upon completion of his two-year vocational training, Chikatilo relocated to the Urals city of Nizhny Tagil [26] to work upon a long-term construction project.

Real Life Cannibal Andrei Chikatilo: The Butcher of Rostov

While living in Nizhny Tagil, he also undertook correspondence courses in engineering with the Moscow Electrotechnical Institute of Communication. He worked in the Urals for two years until he was drafted into the Soviet Army in Chikatilo performed his compulsory military service between and , [27] assigned first to serve with border guards in Central Asia , then to a KGB communications unit in Berlin.

Here, his work record was unblemished, and he joined the Communist Party in , shortly before his military service ended. Upon completing his service, Chikatilo returned to his native village to live with his parents. Their three-month relationship ended after several unsuccessful attempts at intercourse, after which the woman innocently asked her friends for advice as to how Chikatilo might overcome his inability to maintain an erection.

In a interview regarding this incident, Chikatilo stated: "Girls were going behind my back, whispering that I was impotent. I was so ashamed. I tried to hang myself. My mother and some young neighbours pulled me out of the noose. Well, I thought no one would want such a shamed man.

So I had to run away from there, away from my homeland.

The Butcher

After several months, Chikatilo found a job as a communications engineer in a town located north of Rostov-on-Don. The same year, his younger sister, Tatyana, finished her schooling and moved into his apartment his parents would relocate to the Rostov region shortly thereafter.

In Chikatilo married a woman named Feodosia Odnacheva, to whom he had been introduced by his younger sister. According to Chikatilo, although he was attracted to Feodosia, his marriage was effectively an arranged one which occurred barely two weeks after they had met and in which the decisive roles were played by his sister and her husband.

Andrei Chikatilo

Chikatilo later claimed that his marital sex life was minimal and that, after his wife understood he was unable to maintain an erection, they agreed she would conceive by him ejaculating externally and pushing his semen inside her vagina with his fingers.

Four years later, in , a son named Yuri was born. Chikatilo chose to enroll as a correspondence student at Rostov University in , [34] studying Russian literature and philology ; [35] he obtained his degree in these subjects in Shortly before obtaining his degree, Chikatilo obtained a job managing regional sports activities.

Chikatilo was largely ineffective as a teacher; although knowledgeable in the subjects he taught, he was seldom able to maintain discipline in his classes and was regularly subjected to mockery by his students who, he claimed, took advantage of his modest nature. In May , Chikatilo committed his first known sexual assault upon one of his pupils.

In this incident, he swam towards a year-old girl and groped her breasts and genitals, ejaculating as the girl struggled against his grasp. Months later, Chikatilo sexually assaulted another teenage girl whom he had locked in his classroom. One of Chikatilo's duties at this school was ensuring his students who boarded at the school were present in their dormitories in the evenings; on several occasions, he is known to have entered the girls' dormitory in the hope of seeing them undressed.

In response to the increasing number of complaints lodged against him by his students, the director of the school summoned Chikatilo to a formal meeting and informed him he should either resign voluntarily, or be fired.

Chikatilo left his employment discreetly and found another job as a teacher at another school in Novoshakhtinsk in January He lost this job as a result of staff cutbacks in September , before finding another teaching position in Shakhty , a coal-mining town close to Rostov-on-Don.

Chikatilo's career as a teacher ended in March following several complaints of child molestation against pupils of both sexes.

Butcher of rostov black mass book

In September , Chikatilo moved to Shakhty, where he committed his first documented murder. On 22 December, Chikatilo lured a 9-year-old girl named Yelena Zakotnova to an old house which he had secretly purchased; he attempted to rape her but failed to achieve an erection.

Type of Victims

When the girl struggled, he choked her and stabbed her three times in the abdomen, ejaculating while stabbing the child. In an interview after his arrest, Chikatilo later recalled that immediately after stabbing Zakotnova, the girl had "said something very hoarsely ", whereupon he strangled her into unconsciousness before throwing her body into the nearby Grushevka River.

Numerous pieces of evidence linked Chikatilo to Zakotnova's murder: spots of blood had been found in the snow near the house Chikatilo had purchased; neighbours had noted that Chikatilo had been present in the house on the evening of 22 December; Zakotnova's school rucksack had been found upon the opposite bank of the river at the end of the street indicating the girl had been thrown into the river at this location ; and a witness had given police a detailed description of a man closely resembling Chikatilo, whom she had seen talking with Zakotnova at the bus stop where the girl had last been seen alive.

A search of Kravchenko's home revealed spots of blood on his wife's jumper: the blood type was determined to match both Zakotnova and Kravchenko's wife. Kravchenko had a watertight alibi for the afternoon of 22 December: he had been at home with his wife and a friend of hers the entire afternoon, and neighbours of the couple were able to verify this. At his trial, Kravchenko retracted his confession and maintained his innocence, stating his confession had been obtained under extreme duress.

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Despite his retraction, Kravchenko was convicted of the murder and sentenced to death. Following Zakotnova's murder, Chikatilo was able to achieve sexual arousal and orgasm only through stabbing and slashing women and children to death, and he later claimed that the urge to relive the experience had overwhelmed him.

On 3 September , Chikatilo encountered a year-old boarding school student, named Larisa Tkachenko, standing at a bus stop as he exited a public library in Rostov city centre. According to his subsequent confession, Chikatilo lured Tkachenko to a forest near the Don River with the pretext of drinking vodka and "relaxing". As he had no knife, Chikatilo mutilated the body with his teeth and a stick; [13] he also tore one nipple from Tkachenko's body with his teeth before loosely covering her body with leaves, branches, and torn pages of newspaper.

Nine months after the murder of Tkachenko, on 12 June , Chikatilo travelled by bus to the Bagayevsky District of Rostov to purchase vegetables.

Butcher of rostov black mass book

Having to change buses in the village of Donskoi , he decided to continue his journey on foot. In addition, several striations were discovered upon Biryuk's eye sockets. Following Biryuk's murder, Chikatilo no longer attempted to resist his homicidal urges: between July and September , he killed a further five victims between the ages of nine and He established a pattern of approaching children, runaways, and young vagrants at bus or railway stations, enticing them to a nearby forest or other secluded area, and killing them, usually by stabbing, slashing and eviscerating the victim with a knife; although some victims, in addition to receiving a multitude of knife wounds, were also strangled or battered to death.

Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo (The Butcher of Rostov) - Serial Killer Documentary

Many of the victims' bodies bore evidence of mutilation to the eye sockets. Pathologists concluded these injuries had been caused by a knife, leading investigators to the conclusion the killer had gouged out the eyes of his victims. Chikatilo would typically attempt intercourse with these victims, but he would usually be unable to achieve or maintain an erection; this would send him into a murderous fury, particularly if the woman mocked his impotence.

He would achieve orgasm only when he stabbed and slashed the victim to death.

Butcher of rostov black mass book

His child and adolescent victims were of both sexes; Chikatilo would lure these victims to secluded areas using a variety of ruses, usually formed in the initial conversation with the victim, [68] such as promising them assistance or company, or offering to show them a shortcut, [69] a chance to view rare stamps, films or coins, or with an offer of food or candy.

He would usually overpower these victims once they were alone, often tying their hands behind their backs with a length of rope before stuffing mud or loam into the victims' mouth to silence their screams, and then proceed to kill them. On 11 December Chikatilo encountered a year-old girl named Olga Stalmachenok riding a bus to her parents' home in Novoshakhtinsk and persuaded the child to leave the bus with him.

She was last seen by a fellow passenger, who reported that a middle-aged man had led the girl away firmly by the hand.

By January , four victims thus far killed had been tentatively linked to the same killer. In March, Fetisov assigned a newly appointed specialist forensic analyst , Viktor Burakov, to head the investigation. The following month, Olga Stalmachenok's body was found. Burakov was summoned to the crime scene, where he examined the numerous knife wounds and eviscerations conducted upon the child, and the striations on her eye sockets.

Burakov later stated that, as he noted the striations upon Stalmachenok's eye sockets, any doubts about the presence of a serial killer evaporated.

See a Problem?

Chikatilo did not kill again until June , when he murdered a year-old Armenian girl named Laura Sarkisyan; her body was found close to an unmarked railway platform near Shakhty. The accumulation of bodies found and the similarities between the pattern of wounds inflicted on the victims forced the Soviet authorities to acknowledge that a serial killer was on the loose.

On 6 September the public prosecutor of the USSR formally linked six of the murders thus far attributed to the same killer. Due to the sheer savagery of the murders and the precision of the eviscerations upon the victims' bodies, police theorized that the killings had been conducted by either a group harvesting organs to sell for transplant , the work of a Satanic cult, [78] or a mentally ill individual.

Much of the police effort concentrated upon the theory that the killer must be either mentally ill, homosexual, or a paedophile , and the alibis of all individuals who had either spent time in psychiatric wards or had been convicted of homosexuality or paedophilia were checked [79] and logged in a card filing system.

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Registered sex offenders were also investigated and, if their alibi was corroborated , eliminated from the inquiry. Beginning in September , several young men confessed to the murders, although these individuals were often intellectually disabled youths who admitted to the crimes only under prolonged and often brutal interrogation.

Three known homosexuals and a convicted sex offender committed suicide as a result of the investigators' heavy-handed tactics.

However, as police obtained confessions from suspects, bodies continued to be discovered, proving that the suspects who had confessed could not be the killer the police were seeking.

Butcher of rostov black mass book

On 30 October the eviscerated body of a year-old prostitute, named Vera Shevkun, was found in Shakhty. Although the mutilations inflicted upon Shevkun's body were otherwise characteristic of those found upon other victims linked to the unknown murderer, the victim's eyes had not been enucleated or otherwise wounded. On 24 March, he lured a year-old boy, named Dmitry Ptashnikov, away from a stamp kiosk in Novoshakhtinsk.

While walking with the boy, Chikatilo was seen by several witnesses who were able to give investigators a detailed description of the killer. When Ptashnikov's body was found three days later, police also found a footprint of the killer and both semen and saliva samples on the victim's clothing.