Brian Jackson Guinness Book World Records

Brian jackson guinness book world records

News Flash!!!! Heaviest Vehicle Lifted with Breath. Guinness World Record!!

Fastest time to burst a balloon thru a meter firehose,. Brian was Hallelujah the Clown and for many years hid behind that makeup until God brought him out to be himself.

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Many years later and proudly sponsored by the Cherokee Nation in Tahlequah Oklahoma, Brian is going stronger than ever and has traveled farther than he ever imagined. After years of drugs and alcohol, it was a dream, vision, and calling that brought him this far.

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A Strength Ministry, different than most, Brian performs solo, with God as his support and guide, reaching out to those that need uplifted and motivated. Brian Jackson , a Cherokee, Creek and Seminole Native American , is a Nationally known motivational speaker who uses true stories of how he has turned struggles into success.

His most impressive feat to date, "Heaviest Vehicle Lifted with Breath" pounds! Associations and groups all over the country have had Brian add a spark of motivation to their conference or convention. His programs make a powerful kickoff, closing, or general session to any age.

Brian jackson guinness book world records

Sequoyah High School! I was able to reclaim my first world record in a time of Most balloons blown up by an individual in an hour.

Can be seen in the Guinness Book of World Records! July 23rd, Guinness World Record "Heaviest Vehicle lifted with breath" pounds. Arrowhead Mall, Muskogee Oklahoma November, November 5th, State Student Council Convention.

Sunday, June 17th Fathers Day Guinness World Record , Fastest time to Burst a balloon thru a meter firehose, Saturday, September 7th, Beijing China. Sunday, January 12th, Jiangying, Jiangsu China. Testimonial Parents, students and educators agree : The best word to describe Brian Jackson's inspiring motivational talk for students is "Unpredictable!

Brian jackson guinness book world records

Be prepared for the unpredictable Brian Jackson. Feeding off the needs and life circumstances of his audience, Brian takes them from a place of "ho-hum school assembly" to "Wow! How did he do that!?!

Department of Education I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your outstanding presentation and contribution to the recent Super Series National Championship, hosted by All Star. We received many compliments and praise from coaches, players, and parents in attendance on your truly outstanding presentation and demonstration.

Your program I Believe was definately impressive and inspirational to all the young men participating in this tournament.

We are certainly heartened to see professionals, such as yourself, lending their time and effort inspiring today's youth with a message of hope in a fun and entertaining way.

Brian jackson guinness book world records

Your efforts have shown the kind of personal commitment to youth and community projects, which makes all of us proud of you and your program, I Believe.

I recommend him as a speaker, presenter, motivator, counselor and as a friend. It is difficult to know where to start because he is so gifted in dealing with people.

His feats are multiple and because he is a "World Record Holder", one would think him unapproachable, but he is simply just the opposite.

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His fame has only provided a larger pathway for him to reach people with his message and the passoniate way he presents it. I have known Brian for several years now and I never cease to be amazed at his ability to entertain students and yet, get his serious "I Believe" message across.

His audiences, no matter what age are always spellbound and captive to his every word.

Brian Jackson, World Record firehose.

I dealing with individuals, his genuineness and compassion for people and their problems is evident and easily recognizable. Brian is an awesome presenter with a very powerful message. A message that is absolutely worth hearing and is very needed in schools and communities today.

Beyond that, he is a sincere and honest man that has been blessed with a great gift and has remained dedicated to sharing it with others.

Global Vision, The only safety goggles I trust my eyes with.

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Check out this video of Brian Blowing up two hot water bottles in a row! Record Holders Republic.

Stan Lee's Superhumans The Hurricane. This is the picture from Stan Lee's Superhumans.

Brian jackson guinness book world records

My email address: ibelieveguy yahoo. First, I want to thank God for the gifts and talents He has given me!

Brian Jackson

All the Glory to God! Now booking for ! Guinness World Record for. Guinness World Record 11!

Beijing, China! My first book! This is the picture from. Email me if you'd like to order.

The Great Adventure, now available on BarnesandNoble. Stan Lee's Superhumans. Guinness World Record, Beijing China. Click on picture to watch the video!

Brian jackson guinness book world records