Book Review Of Canterville Ghost Wikipedia

Book review of canterville ghost wikipedia

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Book review of canterville ghost wikipedia

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About the Author, Oscar Wilde

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A scene from " The Canterville Ghost ", Oscar Wilde 's first published story, which is about an American family that moves into a haunted house in England. However, instead of being frightened of the eponymous ghost , they turn the tables and prank him, such as in this scene, where the twin boys have set up a butter-slide , causing the ghost to slip down the staircase.

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The story satirises both the unrefined tastes of Americans and the determination of the British to guard their traditions. Categories : Start-Class novel articles Low-importance novel articles Start-Class 19th century novels task force articles Unknown-importance 19th century novels task force articles Novel articles without infoboxes. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit New section View history.

What is The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde About?

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Book review of canterville ghost wikipedia

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Book review of canterville ghost wikipedia