Book Page Folding Techniques For Paper

Book page folding techniques for paper

There are moments in life when you realize that even the ordinary…. Destined for the trash. Under appreciated. But with a little paper folding, this book becomes something that looks more like this. The weekend before last my sister taught a class on how to make these and how to book fold and how to transform an old, out-of-date book into something wonderful. Time-consuming, yes.

Introduction: Folded Book Art - Best & Most Clear Tutorial Available

But really easy. If you can fold a piece of paper…. And the best part? My sister of previous book folding fame wrote up directions for all of us.

Book page folding techniques for paper

You can do this on the computer, or on your own with a little patience. Make a hash mark on your pattern to indicate that you have completed that stripe.

Book page folding techniques for paper

Then push the pattern in towards the second of the book so that the second line is parallel with the. At first it looks like a bunch of folded papers and then about half way through it all starts to look like something amazing. You had me until the Patience step. Going to you sisters amazing Etsy shop.

Bless her patient heart.

Folded Book Tips from Stephanie Pounds

That's pretty cool, but I'm glad that your sister sells them because I don't think I'd have the patience to complete one. This goes down as my favorite project ever! It combines two of my favorite things Thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to do this! After patiently trying to see Kentucky in your fold, I thought I'll do my home state of Texas. Then reality set in. Texas is the 2nd largest state I'll just print out Kentucky Book and enjoy..

I like Kentucky. Another fellow Texan. And, my mother was born in Paint Lick, Kentucky, so there's a connection there!

I think you must have needed to be there! Congrats to you and your creative siblings don't you have a creative brother too? Wha what?

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Ohhh sista - your Kentucky looks masterful My Texas? I'll just frame a postcard ;.

Book page folding techniques for paper

What a conversational piece too. This would be a great project in the classroom when tied to the subject matter of the design.

AND a lesson in patience. Are you kidding me??? My lack of time as well as patience for this sort of thing I am so impressed!!

The first thing I thought of was to make the shape of Italy but then my saner self talked myself out of it :- I do have patience -- I knit, sew crochet etc. So, I will fully appreciate your talent and well as your sister's.

Claudia cardinale il gattopardo book

Great job!!!! Just wondering if you'd be willing to share your sisters Etsy shop info?!?

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Thank you! I like to fold books but these directions have me stumped. Any chance you or your sister might provide a video?

Book page folding techniques for paper

But, no way. I don't think my brain can do that?! Glad your sis takes custom orders on these books. Oh, by-the-way, what about them Wildcats?!!! I bleed blue! I think I either need more pictures or a how to video I dont understand I really want to try this.

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I have old books just begging to be used. This is awesome!! My sister in law gifted me with two books and the instructions for making them into works of art. I'm going to pull them out next fall they are Christmas themed and see how I do.

Folded Book Art - Best & Most Clear Tutorial Available

Kudos to your sister. Does she have a blog? I must not be too bright. Linda xoxo. Like this simple Kentucky law book. I know…. Pick your book. You probably want one that is at least pages, unless you have a more intricate design. Create a pattern You can do this on the computer, or on your own with a little patience. How do you start? Make a folding mark.

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Take a pencil and with your book closed, make a mark across all the pages about halfway between the spine of the book and the edge of the book. Do the same on the bottom of the page. These will be your folding guides. Fold the first page.

Book Folding Tutorial: Lesson 1

Next, tuck the pattern underneath the first page you want to start folding, and line up your top guide with the top of your book. Mark the stripe after you have folded that page. The angles of the triangle will be determined by the two guides you have — the mark you made at the top of the book as one corner, and the top of the first stripe as the second.

Press and fold. Keep folding.

How to Make a Folded Book Sculpture

Make another hash mark. Then push the pattern in towards the second of the book so that the second line is parallel with the edge of the book. Repeat the process. Keep folding until you have folded all the lines on the outline.

Turn on a television marathon. This project took me about 3 hours from start to finish.

At first you will be convinced that your book will never look like what you planned. Trust me. If this is all a little overwhelming and your eyes are glazing over. No worries. I completely understand. And she takes custom orders. Now that is truly amazing. Quite interesting and unique! Definitely need a video or in class instruction! Checked out Whitney's Etsy store. What a wonderful idea and thanks so very much for the tutorial. Happy Easter!

Book page folding techniques for paper