Book N Drive Frankfurt Stationen Uppsala

Book n drive frankfurt stationen uppsala

Dekorativ konst Class here: ornament, decorative details. Djur i konsten Class here: animal painters, wildlife art, birds, insects, fish in art, etc 1.

Stilleben Class here: vanitas. Use for: depictions of small scale scenes of mostly inanimate objects both natural and man-made 1. Formgivare Use with: other subject codes to indicate what field of design if appropriate, eg AKT for fashion designers, plus AGA for historical approaches.

Book n drive frankfurt stationen uppsala

Arkitektur: konstruktion och design Class here: architectural drawings, sections, elevations, materials, architectural engineering. Arkitekturdetaljer Use for: works that examine the individual elements of a building or structure, eg windows, doors, roof design, ornamentation etc 1.

Arkitektur: bostadshus Class here: private homes, houses, apartments, flats, lofts. Arkitektur: sakrala byggnader Class here: architectural aspects of abbeys, cathedrals, churches, mosques, synagogues, temples etc. Use for: books about the buildings. Film: stilar och genrer Class here: works on specific genres, eg Film Noir, Westerns, Horror films, etc.

Book n drive frankfurt stationen uppsala

Tv-dramatik Class here: works on drama series, soap operas, plays for TV, etc. Dansare och koreografer Class here: dance troupes, dance groups, companies 1. Komedi och stand-up Class here: Improvisational comedy, impressionists, alternative comedy, sketch comedy, comedians 1.

Filmmusik, musikaler och teatermusik Class here: works on musicals, film scores 1.

Book n drive frankfurt stationen uppsala

Use for: all forms of popular music, as distinct from art music and traditional music. Use with: WJW For wedding and best man speeches. Skrivande och redigering Class here: general guides as well as journalist style guides, technical writing, letter writing guides, etc. Semantik, diskursanalys, stilistik, retorik Class here: pragmatics, lexicology, rhetoric.

These are usually graded by language level and breadth of vocabulary. Sagor och epos Use for: the texts of ancient and medieval sagas and epics, whether in original language or in modern translation. Use FN for modern re-tellings in the form of a novel.

International Handbook of Research in Arts Education

Tragedier Class here: tragedies, revenge tragedy 1. Biografiska samlingar Use for: biographies of several people in single volume. Reportage och samlingar av journalistiska texter Class here: collected columns.

Tal Use for: collections of transcribed speeches. Antologier Use for: all anthologies except poetry anthologies. Use for: physical or emotional ordeals arising from deliberate mistreatment, miscarriages of justice, victims of crime, etc. Litteraturvetenskap forntiden, antiken och medeltiden till och med talet.

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Use for: stories, usually set in urban, inner-city enclaves, that are often dark, focusing on the underside of city life 1. Biografiska romaner Use for: highly fictionalised accounts of the lives of real people including fictionalised autobiographies. Dystopier och utopier Use for: any fiction set in an ideal, dysfunctional or degraded society. Kontrafaktisk historia Use for: any fiction, apart from Fantasy or SF, set in an imagined world that might have emerged had key historical events happened differently eg outcome of WW2.

Historiska deckare Use for: contemporary mysteries set in past times, eg in Victorian, Medieval, Roman period. Polisromaner Class here: police and forensic investigation, judicial or detective investigators. Technothrillers Use for: thrillers incorporating scientific, technological including computing , medical, etc elements as important parts of the narrative 1.

Ockulta thrillers Use for: thrillers featuring traditions of ancient, secret or esoteric knowledge, such as Holy Grail, etc. Science fiction: steampunk Class here: dieselpunk, retrofuturism.

Book n drive frankfurt stationen uppsala

Use for: science fiction based on an alternative world where 19th century steam power has emerged as the dominant technology. Science fiction: cyberpunk och biopunk Use for: science fiction based on marginalised or low-life characters in a highly technologically advanced society or focused on the implications of biotechnology or genetic engineering 1. Science fiction: utforskning av rymden Class here: colonisation of space 1.

Samtida fantasy Use for: fantasy set in the present day or contemporary settings 1. Erotik Use for: stories of an erotic nature that deal explicitly with sexual relationships and themes, that are not primarily a romance story.

Use for: stories set in the present day or contemporary settings, dealing with everyday themes or lifestyles, usually in a light-hearted manner 1. Use for: romance that does not contain any strong language or physical intimacy.

Romance: vildmark och landsbygd Class here: cowboy romance. Use for: romance that takes place in very rural environments, often set on farms, ranches or in small rural communities, usually far from any city 1. Romance i uniform Class here: military, armed services, firefighters, police, pilots, cabin crew etc. Use for: romance stories where one or more of the main protagonists is in a job that means wearing a formal uniform 1.

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Use for: novels which chronicle the fortunes of a family or families often over generations. Prefer FHX for psychological thrillers 1. Prefer FHP for political thrillers 1. Brevromaner och dagboksromaner Use for: fiction written in a series of documents, letters, diaries, emails, blogs etc 1.

Ancient Egyptian Chronology

Use for: the kind of romance, science fiction or other types of genre fiction, usually published on a monthly basis, short, in clearly delineated lines and with a certain number published every month. FYR codes should never be the primary or main subject code 1. FYT codes should never be the primary or main subject code.

Do NOT use for titles that were subsequently made into films etc 1. Use with: other subject code indicating the area or scope of the work.

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Legal dictionaries. Use with: other subject codes as appropriate 1. Samlingsverk Use for: works containing a mixture or assortment of pieces compiled from varied sources and that can include many subjects and be in a variety of different forms, such as quotes, facts, illustrations etc. Kulturvetenskap Class here: cross-cultural studies. Fattigdom och otrygghet Class here: food poverty, food banks, unemployment or employment when linked to poverty. Sociala effekter av katastrofer Class here: famine, malnutrition, forced movement of peoples as a result of disasters etc.

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Use for: titles about helping refugees escape repression, slavery, conflicts etc. Migration, immigration och emigration Class here: diasporas. Mobbning och trakasserier Class here: mobbing, social media trolling, cyberbullying 1. Normer och attityder Class here: political correctness.

The Visigoths in Gaul and Iberia. a Supplemental Bibliography, 1984-2003

Konspirationsteorier Class here: hoaxes, cover ups etc 1. Genusvetenskap: transpersoner, transsexuella och intersexuella 1.

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HBTQ Class here: queer studies, sexual diversity studies. Gatubrott Class here: mugging, pickpocketing, vandalism, knife crime, gun crime. Organiserad brottslighet Class here: criminal gangs, mafia, banditry, piracy. Ungdomsbrottslingar Class here: juvenile delinquency. Psykoanalys och Freudiansk psykologi Class here: psychoanalysis. Kognitiv psykologi Class here: psychological works on learning, memory, intelligence, reasoning, perception. Moraliskt och socialt syfte med utbildning Use for: works supporting the theories behind education focussed particularly on themes connected to society and behaviour in it 1.

Pedagogik: historia Class here: history of specific schools, colleges, as well as general history.

The Invention of Religion: Faith and Covenant in the Book of Exodus

Socialpedagogik Use for: works about social pedagogy as a field of study 1. Utbildningsstrategier och utbildningspolitik Class here: teaching strategies for literacy, numeracy etc; policies regarding streaming etc. Utbildningsstrategier och utbildningspolitik: inkluderande pedagogik Use for: both formulating policy and practical applications 1.

Gymnasieskolan Class here: senior and high schools. Utomhuspedagogik Class here: adventure education, outdoor learning, forest schools. Use for: organized learning that takes place in the outdoors 1.

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Classify vocational coursework under the appropriate subject. Specialpedagogik Class here: special education. Pedagogisk metodik Class here: classroom control, mentoring, lesson planning. Material och digital teknik i undervisningen Class here: media technology in classroom.

Fritidsverksamhet, friluftsdagar etc. Politiskt kontroll och politisk frihet Class here: political propaganda.


Politisk korruption Class here: government and public sector corruption, judicial and police corruption etc.

Ekonomisk teori och filosofi Class here: history of economic thought. Penningpolitik och penningteori Class here: monetary policy. Mikroekonomi Class here: economics of domestic trade; consumer activity, business decisions, etc.

Book n drive frankfurt stationen uppsala

Internationell handel Class here: International trade agreements 1. Ekonomiska system och strukturer Use for: works on systems such as transitional economies, traditional economies, participatory economics, barter economy, gift economy, etc. Kapitalism Class here: laissez-faire, market economies, free market 1.

Blandekonomi Class here: social market economies, welfare economies 1. Planekonomi Class here: centrally-planned economies, command economies 1.