Book Launch Pr Plan Real Estate

Book launch pr plan real estate

You dedicate a few weeks—even months—to writing the book. Then you spend a week or so promoting it. With that in mind, in this post, I will detail the exact , day-by-day launch plan that generated 2, sales for our latest book in five days and was firmly positioned on the 1 spot in two top-level categories on Amazon.

Book launch pr plan real estate

The good news? We are also the hosts of the Authority Self-Publishing show. Now, I believe these results are repeatable by any author who focuses on producing quality books.

Book launch pr plan real estate

If you look at the top book promotion sites like BookBub , you see that their entire business is based on a massive list, full of targeted readers. Really, all you need is a few hundred subscribers who are willing to buy, read, and review your books. That is enough to gain traction on any book platform. Email marketing is a lengthy topic, which we plan to extensively cover on this blog and in future podcast episodes.

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Until then, I recommend a few free resources and an article that has a great idea you should implement immediately:. The costs of producing a book can quickly add up. But this money is a worthwhile investment. If you want to sell lots of copies, then you need to treat each book like a long-term asset.

Book launch pr plan real estate

Then I take these numbers and compare them to what I generate in the first few weeks of a launch. Woo hoo! After that, everything else is gravy. I recommend tracking these numbers on a book-by-book basis. Then you can use this information to improve the quality of your next book.

Book launch pr plan real estate

Like investing in better editing, formatting, cover design or even professionally written sales copy. In fact, you could easily fit it into any busy schedule. This gave us less than a week to generate early buzz and get a few early reviews. There were a decent amount of likes and comments.

Developing a PR Plan

But the most important piece of feedback was from Hung Pham who politely told me that the sub-title needed to be tweaked. Honestly — after reviewing the sub-title, I realized Hung was right. It definitely needed some improvement. Time Required: 60 minutes to send out the emails that my VA queued up and to respond to Facebook requests. These are the people you should contact when you need early reviews on your books. So, now that the launch has completed, one of my top priorities is to do a major overhaul of my autoresponder sequence with the goal of turning casual fans into loyal readers who review books.

The following is a daily breakdown of the strategies we executed.

Checklist Contents

Plus, I also included the amount of time we took to complete each action. For instance, do you spend too much time on social media? Or get frustrated with your disorganized devices? Or simply get tired of technology overwhelm? So grab it now to learn the psychology and step-by-step strategies to simplify your digital life. So this is yet another reminder that I need to overhaul my autoresponder sequence and do a better job of building connections with subscribers.

As part of our strategy, Barrie waited a day to send out a similar email to her list to spread out the number of sales over several days. She did write and publish a blog post on her blog, Live Bold and Bloom, letting her readers know that the book was available and on sale. Time Required: 90 minutes to write an email to my self-publishing list, create a Facebook Ad and write a blog post.

Does this marketing method help all brands or just some?

I spent most of the second day working on other projects. We sometimes use Facebook ads during a book launch because it can generate a few extra sales. Meanwhile on Day 2, Barrie sent out an email to her list, and because she has a high-traffic site, she put a banner ad promoting the book in the top right sidebar position of her blog.

She also shared her blog post on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. BuckBooks is one of my favorite book promotion websites.

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So whenever I launch a book, I always shoot off a quick email and see if they can fit it into the schedule. What I do know is they often give preference to anyone who uses their Archangel book production services. Hint, hint. In fact, Dave Chesson has two blog posts that can help you find the best sites for your particular book.

The first is a review of 79 book promotion sites available to authors.

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A big part of this event is are a dozen paid ads … including BookBub … which I will carefully track during the next week. I also used the P. Barrie also sent an email reminder to her list. This book is perfect anyone who has a disorganized digital devices.

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Or feels overwhelmed by technology. Or simply wants to spend less time online. What we show in Minute Digital Declutter is how to simplify your technology and spend more time on the things that truly matter. Stay tuned for more details on this. As you can see, this was another short email.

And here are the Day 4 results to prove it:.

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Time Required: 60 minutes to send an email to self-publishing list and reply back to a few respondents. So instead of directly promoting Minute Digital Declutter, I simply mentioned that the book is about to go up to the full-price, but I mostly asked subscribers if they were interested in seeing a case study about this launch.

How to Launch Your Real Estate Marketing Mix [Free Ebook and Worksheets]

Then I directed them to a post in our Facebook Fan Page. So far, the results have been pretty decent:. So far, the sales are pretty consistent.

Book launch pr plan real estate

I have mixed feelings about this book launch. I think part of the problem is I basically took a six-month hiatus for my wedding, honeymoon and other random personal projects. Improve my autoresponder sequence and strengthen the relationship that I have with subscribers.

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Not only will this improve my open rates, it will positively impact the overall deliverability of this list. These ads only amounted to a few dozen sales, but every little bit counts, right?

Honestly… I simply forgot to do these two actions.

Book launch pr plan real estate

First, check out the Authority Self-Publishing show where we publish a new show every Monday and Thursday. Next, be sure to join our Facebook group that has over members who share strategies and generally support one another.

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