Book Group Here Is Too Near Yet So Far

Book group here is too near yet so far

Book group here is too near yet so far

I caught the real meaning: he and Mikhail had helped Dimitri escape. Really, everyone is going to think he busted you out alone.

Book group here is too near yet so far

Not with us. Dimitri said nothing.

Book group here is too near yet so far

His eyes, while still carefully watching our surroundings, were also assessing me. He was making sure I was okay and uninjured.

He looked relieved that I was. They were setting Dimitri up as the culprit in this escape. I gestured to the unconscious guardians at our feet. By the time they wake up, the only person they'll remember seeing will be that unstable Russian guy.

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No offense. I stared, trying not to gape. There they were together, the two men in my life. Adrian hardly looked like he could jump into a fistfight, but he was as alert and serious as the other fighters here.

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His lovely eyes were clear and full of the cunning I knew they could possess when he really tried. That's when it hit me: he showed no sign of intoxication whatsoever.

Book group here is too near yet so far

Had what I'd seen the other day been a ruse? Or had he forced himself to take control?

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Either way, I felt a slow grin creeping over my face. He rewarded me with one of his cynical smiles.

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And hopefully, that's what everyone thinks I'm doing. We turned toward him. Our jokes vanished.

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That attitude I'd noticed about Dimitri, the one that said he could do anything and would always lead you to victory, made people want to follow him unconditionally. The expressions on Mikhail and Eddie's faces--as they grew serious--showed that was exactly how they felt. It seemed natural to me too.

Even Adrian looked like he believed in Dimitri, and in that moment, I admired Adrian for putting aside any jealousy--and also for risking himself like this. Especially since Adrian had made it clear on more than one occasion he didn't want to be involved with any dangerous adventures or use his spirit in a covert way. In Las Vegas, for example, he'd simply accompanied us in an observer's role.

Of course, he'd also been drunk most of the time, but that probably made no difference. I took a few steps forward, but Adrian suddenly held out a hand to stop me. You'll be a fugitive. If the guardians find you, they aren't going to need a trial or sentence to kill you on sight.

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If I ran now and was caught, I was dead for sure. If I stayed, I had the slim chance that in my short time before trial, we might find evidence to save me. It wasn't impossible. But if nothing turned up, I was also most certainly dead.

Either option was a gamble. Either one had the strong possibility of me not surviving. Adrian looked as conflicted as I felt. We both knew I didn't have any good choices. He was simply worried and wanted me to know what I was risking.

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Dimitri, however I could see it all over his face. He was an advocate of rules and doing the proper thing. But in this case? With such bad odds? It was better to risk living as a fugitive, and if death came, better to face it fighting. We hurried out of the building, anxious to get moving with the plan. I couldn't help but comment to Adrian, "You've got to be using a lot of spirit to pull off all those illusions on the guards.

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Lissa could probably make a dozen guardians think they'd seen ghosts. I can barely make a few forget Eddie and Mikhail. That's why there had to be someone they remembered to attract the attention, and Dimitri's the ideal scapegoat. As warmth flowed between us, I didn't bother telling him I was a long way from being free yet.

It would diminish his heroics.

Book group here is too near yet so far

We had a lot of obstacles ahead, but I still appreciated him stepping up like this and respecting my decision to go along with the escape plan. Adrian shot me a sidelong glance.

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The stupider, the better. We emerged to the main floor, and I saw that Eddie had been right about guardian security. The halls and rooms were virtually deserted. Without a second glance, we hurried outdoors, and the fresh air seemed to renew my energy. The garages weren't far, but they weren't close either.

I didn't bring up the obvious problem: me being killed if spotted. More testing of his magic. He couldn't handle much more. Everyone's too worried about themselves to pay much attention to others in all this chaos.

Looking around outside, I could see he was right.


The jail building was far from the church, but by now, people who'd been near the blast had made their way to this part of Court. Some were running into their residences. Some were seeking guardians, hoping for protection.

And some Our group was moving as fast as we could with Adrian, who wasn't in the shame shape as dhampirs. With so many distractions in my own reality, I couldn't plunge completely into Lissa's. A light brush of the bond found her safe, over in the palace. Believe me, I was glad she wasn't involved with this busting-me-out-of-jail madness. But, as Adrian had noted, her ability with spirit could have gone much farther than his here.


And now, looking back on it all, it was obvious she had known about this plan. That had been her secret. She can't be linked to any part of the escape or explosion,' replied Dimitri, eyes fixed ahead on his goal. His tone was firm.

He still regarded her as his savior.

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So does Christian. Mikhail's earlier words returned to me. Military grade explosives are kind of extreme, even for you. No one answered me because three guardians suddenly leapt out into our path. Apparently, they weren't all out at the church. Dimitri and I surged ahead of our group, moving as one, just as we always had in battle together. Adrian had said the illusion he'd stretched over our group wouldn't hold if anyone was facing us directly.

I wanted to make sure Dimitri and I were the first line of contact with these guardians, in the hopes they wouldn't recognize the others behind us.

Book group here is too near yet so far

I threw myself into the fight without hesitation, defensive instincts kicking in. But in those milliseconds, the reality of what I was doing truly sank in. I'd fought guardians before and always felt guilty about it.

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I'd taken on the ones at Tarasov Prison, as well as the queen's guard during my arrest. I hadn't really known any of them, though. Just realizing they were my colleagues had been bad enough Now I was facing one of the most difficult challenges in my life, as small as it seemed. After all, three guardians were an easy match for me and Dimitri.

The problem was--I knew these guardians. Two of them I'd run into quite a bit after graduation.