Asus Transformer Book T300la-xh71t Review

Asus transformer book t300la-xh71t review

The laptop has very good concept!

Asus Transformer Book T100TA (64GB) Review

One of our medical client ask for lightweight tablet that can handle full Windows software for their EMR. The laptop has very good specs and it was very promising. We order 3 of them and they were working okay.

Asus transformer book t300la-xh71t review

This is where the nightmare begins. The laptops didn't last very long.

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One of them was dropped from bed, not too high. We start seeing that the laptop was running very sluggish and eventually it hanged.

Asus transformer book t300la-xh71t review

We tried to factory reset and even have the product RMA. After we received the RMA, it still didn't work. The other laptop just had SSD failed.

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At first, the user start complaining that the laptop like to go to bluescreen and reboot itself. After running the check disk, the laptop refuse to boot anymore.

We called ASUS support to see they can help, however, we didn't have luck since the warranty expired.

Asus transformer book t300la-xh71t review

I have lots of issue with ASUS laptops not only this specific models. I have seen a lot of hardware failures, either the HDD, screen, battery and etc. It was not durable at all! My manager and co-worker has ASUS too and both of them having lots of issue.

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ASUS is great for computer parts such as motherboard, graphic card and etc. However, for laptops, it is a NO NO for me. I tend to stay away from recommending ASUS to my client. We had high hopes for this product, but when we had issues, ASUS made sure to make our hardware issues pale in comparison to the quality of their customer service.

Asus transformer book t300la-xh71t review

We had the unit a total of 7 months before the SSD mysteriously died out of nowhere. No big deal, it happens every now and then, and not necessarily the fault of the vendor. So we sent the unit in for repair via their RMA service. The RMA process wasn't all that bad, actually better than some, but the real issues started when they received our unit.

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They received the unit shortly after being shipped out, and we could see in the status that the unit had been accepted into their service center, and was slotted for repair. A week later, the unit was still in repair. Now, nearly a month and a half later, the unit is still in repair.

About 2 weeks ago, we started calling their service center.

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The first representative we spoke with had trouble even locating the unit, and told me he was having an issue tracking it down, and would have his manager contact me with the update. We never received ANY further communication.

Asus transformer book t300la-xh71t review

We called again a second time, and were told that the unit had been located, and was on hold due to a parts shortage is an SSD really that hard to come by right now? I asked for them to email me an update, which they never did.

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We called again more recently, and were told that the unit was still on hold awaiting parts. If it takes you over a month to get a hard drive in, then in my honest opinion, you have no business in the hardware market. If you can't even attempt to provide some level of service for the product that has obviously failed the customer, then you have no business being a business.

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We are sorely disappointed in the level of service that we've received from ASUS, and their lack of concern for the customer. All that being said, I cannot recommend this item, or any other, from this vendor to anyone. One star for repeated failures in making things right with the customer. One star for the unit, due to the terrible support behind it.

Has this been discontinued?

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Asus transformer book t300la-xh71t review

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