Anthony Bourdain Book List Layover In Dubai

Anthony bourdain book list layover in dubai

Anthony Bourdain

Most of his books, both fiction and non-fiction, center around cooking and food, including his first breakout best-seller Kitchen Confidential, published in In his , along with two non-fiction books, he published another novel, Bobby Gold Bourdain also co-wrote two graphic novels centered around crime and cooking — Get Jiro! The paperback was later released in by Bloomsbury.

Anthony bourdain book list layover in dubai

The novel is gritty- offering an authentic look in the kitchens of NYC chefs, albeit laced with mafia violence. It is deliciously depraved. Published in by Villard books, the second novel by Bourdain features a retired CIA-trained assassin Henry and his hard-bodied wife Frances who plan on retiring in their personal paradise in the West Indies until they cross paths with a powerful mob boss Donnie, who was relocated in the Federal Witness Protection Program.

Anthony bourdain book list layover in dubai

When a cross-dressing mafioso comes looking to kill Donnie, the three team up and adventure ensues. Typhoid Fever, a bacteria infection caused by Salmonella typhi and spread by poor hygiene practices fecal contamination of food or water.

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Mary Mallon, later known as Typhoid Mary, was the first person traced and identified as spreading the disease. A cook in the New York City area, Mary was associated with 53 cases of typhoid, and 3 deaths, and although she was told to give up cooking she would disappear and assume alternate identities, reappearing to cook for new families and exposing them to the disease.


Bobby Gold is a story of food, sex, crimes and mayhem. The Nasty Bits: Collected Varietal Cuts, Usable Trim, Scraps, and Bones , is a best-selling collection of 37 anecdotes and essays, many centered on food, broken into the five categories of taste: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, umami. The book serves as a scrapbook to the first three seasons of the television show of the same name featured on the Travel Channel, which first premiered July and ran 9 seasons through November The book is filled with asides that take on many big names in the culinary world, along with other rants, confessions and investigations.

Anthony bourdain book list layover in dubai

This best-selling dystopian graphic novel takes place in a future LA where a bloody culinary war is raging with top chefs reigning as crime lords and people killing over getting a table at the best restaurants. It boils down over forty years of traveling and cooking into the dishes that Bourdain thinks everyone should know how to cook, and full of colorful asides from the chef.

Anthony bourdain book list layover in dubai

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Anthony bourdain book list layover in dubai

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