Anglican Church Of Southern Africa Prayer Book

Anglican church of southern africa prayer book

Anglican church of southern africa prayer book

Many of those placing orders for Celebrating Sunday, the new experimental supplemental liturgical resource with materials for Advent through Pentecost have done so assuming that it is the New Prayer Book. The Committee is calling upon everyone involved in liturgy and the leadership of worship, to help correct this misunderstanding.

However revising APB is a process, one that will require the involvement of the whole Church, much work, and many years.

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During those years the Liturgical Committee will be producing several supplemental liturgical resources authorised for experimental, trial use. Celebrating Sunday is the first in this series of publications.

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These supplemental resources will be the result of a process of wide consultation among the people of ACSA and will reflect the diverse styles of worship common to our Church while maintain the characteristic features of Anglican Worship. The ACSA Liturgical Committee looks forward to continued communication with everyone involved in the worship we offer and with eagerness anticipates your involvement in this exciting and historic process of Revision and Renewal.

We welcome these initiative and we would love to be updated throughout.

Anglican church of southern africa prayer book

We are aware that it is a process that will unfold with time. May I request a copy of the draft that is available now. Thank you for your message.

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My apologies for the delay in replying. The Liturgical Committee produced its first publication of the revision process last year, Celebrating Sunday — under Southern Skies in an African voice. There are a number of new ideas, new prayers, — such as designing the Advent wreath in the shape of the Southern Cross stars, etc. You can send an order to orders anglicanchurchsa.

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Regards Cynthia Botha. Your email address will not be published.

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Where is the New Prayer Book?

What happened to the Prayer of Humble Access? Published 2nd Nov By Bishopscourt Media. Themba Kubeka on 24th Nov at pm. Keep it up.

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Cynthia Botha on 11th Dec at am. Thank you very much.

Anglican Church in South Africa

Any comments on the new liturgy are most welcome. Rev Father Raymond Holele on 30th Nov at am.

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Anglican church of southern africa prayer book