Allegiant Book Review Plugged In Movie

Allegiant book review plugged in movie

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Reviewed by: David Criswell, Ph. Did God make the world the way it is now? What kind of world would you create?


The story of a dystopian pseudo-Communist society where each man is classified into a particular faction based on what best contributes to society. The theme is that man is more than a cog in a machine and meant for something more.


Tris Shailene Woodley , Four Theo James , and a few other close friends breach the wall in violation of the orders of the new ruler, Evelyn Naomi Watts. There, Tris encounters the men behind the experiment who attempt to convince her that she alone is worth saving, and that she alone is special.

Parents say

In the meantime, a civil war erupts in Chicago, and when Tris refuses to abandon her new benefactors, Four leaves on his own to help Chicago. No one person is more worthy of being saved than another.

Allegiant book review plugged in movie

God made us all individuals with a purpose in life. Of course, in the film, salvation takes the form of deliverance from death and a dictatorship, with no mention of God.

Allegiant book review plugged in movie

Nevertheless, the message is wholesome and good. The problem is in execution and in the moral polutants within the film.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Changing directors is not always a good thing. The body count is very high, beginning with mass executions necessary to the plot. Since the story involves a civil war, we might forgive much of this violence as plot centric, but it is worth a strong caution. There are countless shootings, assaults, and terror.

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After watching the first part, it is apparent that the reason is just to make money. Many places feel contrived, and the eruption of the civil war is shown almost as an afterthought with little plot development therein. Personally, I am looking forward to a fresh directing perspective as the final film is set to be directed by a relative new comer.

Allegiant book review plugged in movie

I feel the over emphasis on special effects only detracts from the script and story, rather than helping it. The film is not fairing well at the box office, in no small part because fans feel cheated that the last book was unnecessarily divided in two, but the film is entertaining, with a good message, and I have high hopes that the new director will return the series to its roots for the finale next year.

Allegiant book review plugged in movie

MPAA Rating : for intense violence and action, thematic elements, and some partial nudity. Moral Rating:.

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Relevant Issues. Answer genetic manipulation of human beings good and leadership.

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Allegiant book review plugged in movie

Get answers to your questions about life, dating and much more. Positive —This was interesting and does keep your attention.


And certainly brings up lots of good examples of where this world could go one day, thank God we have Jesus! Positive —I, too, liked this more than the critics. This was much better than part two, with more story and a few surprises. Some of the the special effects were interesting and added to the film. Do I understand there will be a finale?

Allegiant: Divergent, Book 3

Action, properly-timed humor, betrayal, reunion, love, war, peace, and the pursuit of all that is decent in mankind, regardless of the obstacles, is seen throughout.

Probably saving it for the 4th movie? However, there is plenty of implied silhouetted, shadowed, partially blocked nudity from several main characters. There is kidnapping of children, murder in cold blood, lies, and a lot of just plain ungodly behavior saturating the movie.

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This movie is NOT appropriate for children under 13, and it should be discussed with teens, should you choose to allow them to view it. The heroine works hard for the betterment of society, protecting life and people …learns a lesson in forgiveness.