After Ever After Book Pages

After ever after book pages

Jeffrey Alper, eighth grader, is headed to the first day of a new school year when he stops to help a girl in the hallway who has dropped her papers. She's a new girl, just in from California, and she is a babe.

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Her name is Lindsey Abraham and she seems interested in Jeffrey. So why would she choose me? But, I thought, she was totally joking around with me in gym. About her butt.

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You're a short chubby kid with glasses, a limp and brain damage. Early in his life Jeffrey fought leukemia.

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Now, he is left with memory problems that are a result of one of the wonder drugs he took to defeat the cancer. Problem is now he can't do math facts and the school system has just issued a letter to all parents informing them that every student will have to pass the math and English standardized tests to pass the eighth grade.

After ever after book pages

Jeffrey knows he can't pass that test until his friend, Tad, who is dealing with a brain tumor, decides to be Jeffrey's personal tutor. In trade, Jeffrey will coach Tad on the treadmill so he can be strong enough to walk across the stage at graduation.

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This is a story of the tremendous friendship between these two guys who have known the worst that life can offer and are still standing. Their conversations are hilarious and real. Their courage is mammoth.

After ever after book pages

In spite of their challenges, these two want to have a girl in their lives, struggle with their siblings, and are trying to find their way through adolescence. When their English teacher assigns the class to do the play of Cyrano de Bergerac, Tad gets the idea to create a beau geste-a grand gesture. He wants to do something that will make a difference and be remembered. Get your hankie out now.

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This is one of those books that will get to you. After Ever After Hot. Write Review Add to favorites.

After ever after book pages

Book Information Reading Level. Jordan Sonnenblick.

After ever after book pages

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