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The Kings Cross intersection is an iconic place in Sydney, memorable for the bright red, looping coke sign at its apex. The building houses apartments. Many of the apartments are dual level and L-shaped in section, allowing city and harbour views and sunlight to the majority of the interiors. Phoenix performance space, in association with John Wardle Architects Phoenix gallery , currently under construction. Design competition Stage 2.

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Residential, multi-unit housing, childcare, art gallery, community club, swimming pool, work live and retail space. The two photographers are neither known for, nor particularly interested in, the conventions of architectural photography.

This makes their photographic voice, and this book, distinct from the architectural mainstream. Bronze cast door handle made by Graham Chant in New Zealand. Available for purchase through Jean-Marie Liere at Archinterface. This complex trapezoidal site inherited minor public functions of the development, such as car park entry and public toilets, a fixed basement structure and significant services risers within and adjacent to the building.

Their shared materials palette of timber, planting and concrete combine to enliven this new pedestrian precinct, adding a delicacy of scale in counterpoint to their massive neighbours. The stair is engineered to act as a required second fire egress, maximising the use of the floor plates within.

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Each entry is figured with unique outlooks, levels, signage seats and planters. The stair, a vertical, overgrown promenade ends in a rooftop bar and sheltered garden courtyard. A series of circular roof openings, carved out of the concrete ceiling, act as frames for rooftop planting, and as lenses to view the city above.

However, it is the purposeful and sequential manipulation of volumes — from the compressed entry portico to the vast living space, layered cabana and intimate master bedroom — that leaves a lasting impression of delight. This is a timeless and extraordinary piece of architectural craftsmanship where the hand of the architect is ever present.

The overlapping geometries of the form and dual garden arrangement of the plan masterfully respond to the particularities of the site. Central to this gesture is the sunken front garden facing the street. Sheltered from wild weather, it acts as both a place of repose and respite, and a balanced juxtaposition to the expanse of ocean adjacent.

Views are carefully framed, reflected and enclosed throughout the house, capturing moments to dwell on sky or surf.

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Whilst the budget was significant, this was managed with remarkable acumen, the elegant palette of materials conveying at once a sense of casualness and grandeur. Viewed from both the street and the ever—popular coastal walkway, the beautifully sculptural form of Tamarama House is offset by the layered textures of a highly integrated garden that anchors the house within its coastal setting.

Functions overlap in this tiny renovated space, 7m x 9m in plan and only 2.

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A dado line is introduced at mm above the floor, weighting the base of the room with dark and lustrous materials, form ply and dimpled rubber. Above the dado, the walls and ceilings are chalk white, coved to soften corners and junctions.

This centres the eye at the dado line, increasing the perceived height of the room. Reflections and secret views connect the spaces, creating complexity and depth.

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In association with BVN Architecture. The sense of this space as a sanctuary, and central gathering space will be consolidated by a cohesive and animated built edge. The image of the Science faculty onto the Green is a grove of trees, gently moulded and shaped, its underside a friendly shadow.

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We recently worked on the international design competition for a new library at Green Square with Sue Barnsley Design. Replacing the existing, disconnected and introverted building, the proposal is for an open connected and extroverted building.

The new building increases the accommodation of the existing club, while creating a light and apparently smaller building. Love Lace is a major international exhibition of contemporary lace works, from 20 countries by artists.

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The central armature of the exhibition is an archaic, carved mass. Broad curving walls of aged smooth concrete, act as a foil to the delicacy and intricacy of the open work structures of the lace.

Adam block design address book

Their companion shadows are lit to stretch across the sweeping walls. The house hugs the sloping rear boundary, orienting to the northern sun and a new garden with established trees. It has is a simple L-shaped plan, both containing and extending into the stepping garden. An internal garden court is hidden in the depth of the plan, bridging between the floors and inverting the line of inside and outside. The brick facade is given a fabric like quality through its pattern, texture and treatment.

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The underside of this looping facade tilts and lifts, admitting light and views to the ground floor public rooms, through clerestory glazing. With ever shrinking sites and expanding houses, the Infinity House regains the balance between these two essential elements, house and garden. The looping form of the house allows an endless surface where house and garden meet, generous and elastic. Generic and flexible, the'Infinity House' can be occupied in many ways - for single families, for families with older children, in laws or homeshare.

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The house explores the endless flexibility and beauty of brick as structure and enclosure, as arches and curving walls, as flooring and vaulted ceilings.

Beautifully conceived and crafted, the simplicity of the approach is breathtaking and manages to achieve the essentials of brick without being heavy. A 4 storey commercial building located in Kings Cross, Sydney. The material choice and form are in response to the character of the suburb. Each house is suitable for a small site. The two storey houses maximize garden space.


Each house has an integrated covered outdoor space. Each house has moments of spatial complexity, within a simple envelope.

The Bridge house arcs to exaggerate the main living room, intimate at the entry and outdoor room. Its gentle form echoes landscapes and minimizes overshadowing.

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The Sky house reaches for light through amplified roof lights, and to the street through an open, one storey entry verandah.

The Clock House can be rotated from an open 'L' through to a narrow 'V', depending on the width of the site and the orientation. It effortlessly creates a large covered space and roof garden terrace simply through the shift in alignment between the two storeys.

They are all suitable for urban, suburban and rural sites. All houses have been designed to be repeated on adjacent sites or used in a grouping. For more information regarding pricing and deliveries, see the Happy Haus website: www.

A new cottage in the Watsons Bay heritage conservation area works within a prescribed envelope and design constraints. The language of weatherboard seaside cottages, street verandas and simple connections to gardens and light were explored.

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Essentially south facing, the light scoop and entry skylight provides sunlight, light and ventilation for all spaces. Retirement Village Masterplan. DA for apartments, 2, sqm of community and retail. Recommended for approval.


Enquire at mail durbachblock. House Taurus, currently under construction. AIA NSW judge's citation: "As you walk through the Tamarama House your eye is continually drawn to remarkable details: of animated handrails, folded steel and carved concrete. Photographer: Anthony Browell.

In association with Peter Colquhoun.