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Someone who produces an anthology is called an anthologist. British a book of maps showing all the roads in a particular town. A book that someone writes about their own life is called an autobiography.

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British a book that is designed to be used in class by students taking a particular course of study. An encyclopedia may be published as a single book , a series of books , or as a digital product such as a website or an app. British an official document giving details of a vehicle and its owner.

American a book or digital document containing pictures of people and details of the activities that they did at school or college during one particular year. American a book or digital document containing information about what happened in a particular business or community during a particular year.

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Related words almanac noun a book or digital product published every year that tells you about the movements of the planets, the times of the tides, and the dates of important events. A to Z noun British a book of maps showing all the roads in a particular town.

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