A Book Of Short Stories Is Called

A book of short stories is called

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A book of short stories is called

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Join LibraryThing to post. I have quite a few books in my library that are made up of collected works - either by multiple authors or an individual authors previously published works. At this point I've been using either "collection" or "anthology" somewhat indiscriminately between the two. I would however like to be able to distinguish between the two types.

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I was hoping there was some pre-esxisting linguistic characteristic of the words to help me in this, but as far as I can tell their synonyms. Is there a tag you use to discriminate between the two types of works? I'd love to hear others suggestions. I know tagging is largely a matter of what works best for the individual but I'm somewhat at a loss here and would love to hear others' ideas.

A book of short stories is called

Thanks for asking this, I've been wondering, too. Personally, I use the tag "omnibus" when a book has multiple novels by the same author. I'd love to know more about the differences between "omnibus", "collection", and "anthology". I will handle these kinds of books with tags e. A complete content of each book is used.

Collection vs. Anthology

An omnibus contained several complete books by one author. This is my method of tagging. There are many ways of tagging. Collection - T. Selected writings by T.

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Elliot Note: Please correct me if my reasoning is not accurate. I assumed that was the everyday usage of the words. I think, though, that there are users who don't bother with the distinction and just use one or the other for any book made up of independent smaller parts.

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I hope nobody get the idea, because of that, to combine collection and anthology. I tend to just use anthology. I never really thought about collection in that sense, although if it was in the title 'collected works' or something I might, but I consider all those types of books equivalent and want to be able to group them together by tag.

I would never combine the tags, though - of course, I don't combine takes, but anyway, collection can mean other things. I tag "collections" and "anthologies" separately, with the occasional "omnibus" editions of book-length works. And I idly dream of the day that LT can handle the table-of-contents pages, with 'editors' pulled out separately from the various contributing authors, a place for all the individual titles of the constituent works,etc There's an earlier discussion about this somewhere.

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I'd had the same understanding of the everyday usage of the words, but you will often find "anthology" defined as containing works by " one or more authors," or as a subset of "collections. I know what I mean, so will persist in tagging my books that way unless I learn of a better way to draw a distinction between a collection of works by one author and a collection of works by multiple authors.

ETA: My tag ties in to where I put the book.

A book of short stories is called

My "collections" e. The Best of Joe Author go with the books by the author.

A book of short stories is called

I think that's how they arrange them in book stores, isn't it? However, it was more a case of "I know it when I see it" then having a good name for either type, but collection-same author, anthology-different authors seems like it would work out quite well to distinguish the two.

Like 4 scoobydo I use collections, anthologies, and omnibus, and in about the same way.

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So I'm not holding my breath. I guess I think of collection as being similar to "the collected works," which usually means one author.

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Tagging or Labelling of books is to indicate a generic subject matter of the book's content, and I believe there is no hard and fast rule to it , and it is a book owner's rightful "independent" choice in anyway s he chooses in tagging and labelling, and the most important thing of all, you can easily locate the book from your library shelves or bookcases in your home. There is no right or wrong in the "mechanics" or "methods" of tagging or labelling.

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Do you agreed or not? I agree as well. It's simply that when I didn't have a preference in my head, but knew these books needed different tags, I decided to see what others are doing.


None of the above. For a collection of short stories I use the tag "short stories"; for a collection of essays I use the tag "essays. But then, I don't have very many books of this type, so a complex system isn't necessary for me. I'm so glad to have found this thread. Thanks in advance for your responses! I use 'short stories' if that applies. If the stories are by various authors I add 'anthology'.

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But if I were following my general rule, it would be "score collection" for the same composer and "score anthology" for multiple composers. So on the class number the spine label , do you use SC for story collection and a Dewey for anthologies--separating the two physically into different areas of the library? I am a school librarian and do not use Cutter's, etc.. Group: Taggers! About This topic is not marked as primarily about any work, author or other topic.

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Touchstones No touchstones. Tim would be horrified at the thought of having rules. I'm not fussy.