30 Pieces Of Silver Book Description Ideas

30 pieces of silver book description ideas

Thirty pieces of silver was the price for which Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus , according to an account in the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament. The Gospel of Matthew claims that the subsequent purchase of the Potter's field was fulfilment, by Jesus, of a prophecy of Zechariah.

The image has often been used in artwork depicting the Passion of Christ. The phrase is used in literature and common speech to refer to people " selling out ", compromising a trust, friendship, or loyalty for personal gain.

30 Pieces of Silver

Socrates could have also escaped his death had he paid 30 minae. Before the Last Supper , Judas went to the chief priests and agreed to hand over Jesus in exchange for 30 silver coins. According to Chapter 27 of Matthew's gospel , Judas was filled with remorse and returned the money to the chief priests before hanging himself.

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The chief priests decided that they could not put it into the temple treasury as it was considered blood money , [8] and so with it they bought the Potter's Field.

Peter describes the common knowledge of what happened to Judas in Acts , "falling headlong there, he burst open in the middle and all of his bowels gushed out" dying there.

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Donald Wiseman suggests two possibilities. The money changers referenced in the New Testament Gospels Matt.

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The 5th century BC Athenian tetradrachm "four drachmae" coin was perhaps the most widely used coin in the Greek world before the time of Alexander the Great along with the Corinthian stater.

It featured the helmeted profile bust of Athena on the obverse front and an owl on the reverse back. The reverse is featured on the national side of the modern Greek 1 euro coin. Drachmae were minted on different weight standards at different Greek mints. The standard that came to be most commonly used was the Athenian or Attic one, which weighed a little over 4.

A drachma was approximately a day's pay for a skilled laborer. In the medieval period some religious institutions displayed ancient Greek coins of the island of Rhodes as specimens of the Thirty Pieces of Silver. The obverses of these coins showed a facing head of the sun god Helios , with rays projecting around the upper part of it.

30 pieces of silver book description ideas

These rays were interpreted as a representation of the Crown of Thorns. The extracanonical Narrative of Joseph of Arimathea records that Judas was paid 30 pieces of gold, not silver. In Zechariah —13, 30 pieces of silver is the price Zechariah receives for his labour.

He takes the coins and throws them "to the potter". Klaas Schilder notes that Zechariah's payment indicates an assessment of his worth, as well as his dismissal.

Barry Webb , however, regards it as a "considerable sum of money. Schilder suggests that these 30 pieces of silver then get "bandied back and forth by the Spirit of Prophecy.

What Was The Significance With The 30 (Thirty) Pieces Of Silver In The Bible?

Although many scholars see Jeremiah's name as included in error, [23] Jeremiah's purchase of a field in Jeremiah 32 may indicate that both prophets are in mind. Blomberg also suggests that Matthew may also be saying that "Jesus' death is a ransom, the price paid to secure a slave's freedom," and that the use of the blood money to buy a burial ground for foreigners Matthew may hint at the idea that "Jesus' death makes salvation possible for all the peoples of the world, including the Gentiles.

This word occurs in two passages-- A the account of the betrayal of our Lord for "thirty pieces of silver" Matt.

30 pieces of silver book description ideas

These have usually been considered to be denarii, but on no sufficient ground. The parallel passage in Zechariah xi. The passage may therefore be explained as "thirty shekels of silver", not current shekels, but tetradrachms of the Attic standard of the Greek cities of Syria and Phoencia.

30 pieces of silver book description ideas

These tetradrachms were common at the time of our Lord, and of them the stater was a specimen. Judas is often shown in narrative scenes from the Passion holding the silver in a bag or purse, where they serve as an attribute to identify him. As one of the " Instruments of the Passion " the Thirty Pieces by themselves often feature in groups of the Instruments, especially in the late Middle Ages, although they are one of the less commonly chosen elements of the group.

Sometimes a money bag is used in depictions; otherwise a hand holding the coins, or two hands, showing the counting-out. A number of "Judas-pennies", ancient coins said to be from the original thirty, were treated as relics in the Middle Ages, and were believed to help in difficult cases of childbirth.

This was as a result of new styles of devotions, led by the Franciscans in particular, which promoted contemplation of the Passion episode by episode, as in the Stations of the Cross. A Syracusan decadrachm held at the Hunt Museum , Limerick is one such coin claimed to be one of the thirty: inscribed on the mount is Quia precium sanguinis est Latin : "This is the price of blood".

Thirty pieces of silver

The coin fell on my hollow hand. I could not bear it, although it was light, and I let it fall. It was all in vain.

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The other said: "There are still twenty nine. The phrase "30 pieces of silver" is used more generally to describe a price at which people sell out. In Shakespeare 's play Henry IV, Part 2 , the mistress of Falstaff asks "and didst thou not kiss me, and bid me fetch thee thirty shillings?

Tennyson Jesse relates the rediscovery in modern times of the thirty pieces of silver and how they drive men to kill in varied forms including murder, manslaughter, homicide, euthanasia and suicide. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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30 pieces of silver book description ideas

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