280d Fn 10 C++ Pdf Books

280d fn 10 c++ pdf books

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I have made a reference to AcroPDF.

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This means that failure messages that could just be handled with a retry, end up causing exceptions. Try implementing IMessageFilter interface.

This will allow COM to understand how to pass messages back to your app. In particular, implement the RetryRejectedCall and check if the failure flags and possibly return a timeout value something like ms to allow COM to retry after a brief pause.

280d fn 10 c++ pdf books

Once you've implemented a message filter you will need to register it using CoRegisterMessageFilter. This is a per-thread registration, so be aware of what thread you are calling it on.

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The PInvoke signiture is :. Even if this doesn't work, at the very least, if you log all the messages in the filter you should hopefully get some more information about what is going wrong. Look at the values of the parameters being passed into the message filter.

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IMessageFilter , so make sure you don't accidentally use the winforms one. I'm not sure why but I have to run Microsoft Visual C Express Edition with administrative privileges to get this working.

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With a limited user I get this message in the designer:. NET interop assembly has been created with the name AxInterop. A reference to this new assembly has been added to your project references. Learn more.

280d fn 10 c++ pdf books

NET interop Ask Question. Asked 9 years, 9 months ago. Active 9 years, 9 months ago. Viewed 12k times. This happens at the next line when I try to use the object: acrobat.

280d fn 10 c++ pdf books

LoadFile "book. Help most appreciated! The PInvoke signiture is : [DllImport "ole I've added all the code you'll need. Let me know if you get stuck. I think I've followed your steps.

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I've put a break point at every handler. No break point gets hit.

280d fn 10 c++ pdf books

I've pasted my code here: codepaste. Have I done anything wrong? Perhaps try Debug. I've had problems with breakpoints in message filter classes before. I'm surprised nothing gets called at all, that would suggest the exception is occurring even before the call gets into COM. Hang on, I'm going to try this out. I'll post an update in a few minutes. I downloaded acrobat reader 9. And I used your code exactly and it worked fine. The object was created with no exceptions.

No messages were sent, so I removed the message filter and it still worked fine. Perhaps you should try re-installing acrobat?

I'm curious about this new interop assembly that gets created. I would be thankful if somebody could explain why this is necessary. Does the control have to be hosted inside some container? Is it possible to use the control in a scripting scenario?

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