2007 Dodge Dakota Blue Book Value

2007 dodge dakota blue book value

Consumer Reviews

Best Vehicle I've ever owned! I never thought I would own a Dodge. I've heard great things about their trucks. I typically trade in a vehicle ever years but not with my current Dodge, I love it. It's been very reliable and very good to me with little to no mechanical issues. The 1st vehicle I didn't end upside down on. I recommend a Dodge truck any day!

Used 2007 Dodge Dakota Club Cab

Did you? Your feedback has been sent to Cars. Great 4x4! Have had Dakota for 9 months and has Performed Well.

Dodge Dakota Club Cab

Pickup handles PayLoad Well and decent Fuel economy. Thank You! A diamond in the rough. The only drawback is storage behind the driver and passenger seat. A luxury I was used to in my previous truck.

Used Trucks

However, I'll downsize the junk I carried before. Very reliable truck. My current Dakota is a which I bought used and have owned since I have never had any serious problems with any of the trucks as I kept them reasonably maintained not perfectly.

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My truck is used as my primary source of transportation as well as to move loads and pull trailers. Great truck.

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This truck is exactly what I was looking for and more! I've been wantin a truck for some time but couldn't find the perfect one. I saw this truck online and went to the dealership to look and inquire about it and we ended up leaving with it. I love it, it's perfect!

Love my new Dakota Truck. Only owned it for a week now, but I really love this truck.

Other Model Years

Glad I got it. Good Truck. The truck drives nice, runs good, never breaks down its a good truck, I like the size of the truck not to big not to small just right. It gets about mpg city and highway wich is not to bad for the way i drive. I also like the 4x4 it has got me out of some bad places when it was snowing so over all its a good truck to have.

2007 dodge dakota blue book value

This truck is a 2wd Quad Cab with the 4. For that, I'll take superior torque, horsepower and reliability.

2007 dodge dakota blue book value

The 5 speed automatic transmission is the same Mercedes-Benz-sourced trans as in the E class cars. In the AZ heat, I don't need the leather or the moonroof. You get all the power goodies, like the power windows, seats, locks, etc, for the lower price of the SLT.

This truck was well cared for.

2007 dodge dakota blue book value

It handles very well, for a mid sizer. Currently, I'm getting And I'm not hypermiling, either.

2007 Dodge Dakota

Nor am I laying twin strips of rubber in every corner, either. Keep the tach needle below RPM, and I get pretty good gas mileage It's a comfortable truck, and I'm glad I found another one in this good of shape. This truck requires front end sevice continously. Paul, Mn on Sat Dec 20 I have the 2wd 4door SLT model.

I like this truck a lot prefect size for what I do. However this truck is hard on front end parts; ball joints, tie rod ends, stabilizer links. I bought the truck used with 12, miles and I only have 48, miles on it and these parts have been replace twice now. Which means the outside of the tires wear quickly and it has to be aligned also.

It is a rougher ride but can haul a little more weigh then I thought.

Ranks #7 Compact Pickup Trucks by Owners

The V-8 has good pulling power but only get about miles per gallon. Could have bought a full size truck, but wont fit in the garage. Formerly a modest, utilitarian midsize pickup, Dodge Dakota has grown into a pretty formidable truck. It can be ordered with a choice of several beefy V-8 engines, just like the big boys. The four-wheel-drive Quad Cab Laramie that I drove is the top-drawer model, a pricey number that was optioned up to its door handles with features.

Most notable among the options was a high-output 4.

2007 dodge dakota blue book value

There was also an off-roading package with a bunch of critical pieces, such as Read More. Review Score 4. Learn about the Dodge Dakota Shop for the Dakota.

2007 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab Pricing

Have You Driven the Dodge Dakota? Write Your Review. Yes No Your feedback has been sent to Cars. Full Review. Prev Next. Our Take on the Dodge Dakota Formerly a modest, utilitarian midsize pickup, Dodge Dakota has grown into a pretty formidable truck. Read More By September 15th,

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